Forza Street Makes Microsoft Racing Game Mobile

first_img Forget Halo, these days the premier Microsoft franchise has got to be Forza. Granted, when you put out a game in the same franchise every year, people will start associating you with that franchise. But between the precise racing simulation of the main Forza Motorsport series and accessible freedom of Forza Horizon, these games are some of the best reasons to own an Xbox.And soon you’ll be able to enjoy Forza even if you don’t have an Xbox or high-end Windows gaming PC, which seems to be Microsoft’s plans for most of its properties going forward. No, Forza isn’t making the leap (yet) to Nintendo Switch like Cuphead. However, it is coming soon to mobile. Check out this first trailer for Forza Street.Neither the realistic racing of main Forza nor the open-world racing of Forza Horizon would make a great fit for quick play sessions on a touch screen device. So Forza Street seems to focus on discrete street racing like classic Need for Speed. This also adds a nice new aesthetic to the series that isn’t “posh racing league” or “weird hippie music festival.”Forza Street’s new streamlined mobile control scheme has players focusing on their timing for gas, brake, and boost rather than precise steering or getting into the nitty-gritty of tire pressure or whatever. The action camera also plays a big role, helping you feel cooler even if the overall experience is more casual. There’s an “endless” story mode along with standard quick races. And since this is a free-to-play mobile game, there’s a whole virtual garage of cool cars to collect and race.Forza Street is actually available for free right now but only for Windows 10 devices. The iOS and Android versions are coming later this year. In the meantime, we suggest playing Forza Horizon 4. And if you’re interested in another huge AAA franchise impressively shrunk down to mobile, check out our thoughts on The Elder Scrolls: Blades. Stay on target Review: ‘Gears 5’ Brings a Fresh Perspective to the FranchiseToy Tuesday: The Best ‘Gears of War’ Toys last_img read more