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if the xixingdafa can dominate the martial arts, so in search of martial arts, Shanghai has become the overlord of love. 2013 love Shanghai’s annual revenue has exceeded 30 billion yuan, accounted for more than 70% of the domestic search market is three times, second of the 360 search. The main source of revenue in Shanghai and love is the network marketing, further, is the search rankings. With the search for this "suck star big hair, no one can have the right to love Shanghai. read more


The eleven golden rules of Shanghai Longfeng novice

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short and easy to remember domain name proved to be successful website. Domain name to closely websites, remember, website and domain name is your brand. Encourage the use of贵族宝贝,.Cn..Net and other common suffixes, of course you have.Gov background, then you will be a little higher starting point. For the English website reflect the keywords in the domain, was shown to have no effect.

for each one according to his lights. Not a positive statement, the author suggests that the control is ideal in 5%-8%. Keywords should appear in the title, description, text title, text (in bold and italic, different font style emphasizes). read more