The basic steps of building a web site about the novice

At present,

SEO became the most owners face every day most spoken language, you are asked to understand SEO today? Tomorrow someone asks you how SEO website? In general, SEO has contributed to an industry, there are many specialized web site SEO, online, interested friends can search. Everyone is studying SEO desperately, studying SEO. But I don’t know, the plan often can’t keep up with the changes, because the growth cycle of a website is really too long.

a new station from the initial stage to the search engine included, it takes about a week, at least half a month or so, if the site wants to have a better ranking, at least for more than a month. So, even when we think of SEO, but the site has been formed, want to change too late, in front of the hard work will be cast to the wind. Therefore, we should in the early stage of the station, we must do a good job site SEO, that is, the optimization of the site. Especially novice, we must first learn, and then build. read more


Mou Changqing original experience article TOP10 summary

has been writing blogs for nearly 3 years, and feels like the most productive one this year. Original promotion, experience data and industry observation article, wrote about 50 articles, on average, a week at least an original article produced. By the end of the year, I did not know what to write. I summed up my original articles which were satisfactory and distinctive.

TOP1: "Internet work threshold is not high, it is difficult to do" (favorite)

this article is not about network promotion, nor is it any data analysis experience. It was my first experience of working on the internet. After the article was sent out, I got a lot of sympathy from my friends and felt very much. What network promotion methods, what data analysis, after reading, in fact, will play an auxiliary role, and really want to achieve good results, or see you do things attitude, attitude towards Internet work. Just like we do BD, the threshold is really not high, some graduate students will be able to hang BD manager’s title in some companies, but how much do they really do?. read more


Soft Wen should be crammed into soft mouth

today this idea, because there is a large website online, promotion is a key, even if you stand again good, no one to browse it is white blind, now is not the "sell themselves" era, your stomach goods must tell everyone out, that is the so-called promotion. In many soft Wen promotion promotion should be more economic and efficiency, without spending too much energy, do not have to spend money, as long as you are willing to learn to practice basic can write soft article, only the quality is not the same. read more


Three years of waiting for a moment excited Baidu reopened

excited – 3 years ago I had a taste of excitement, of course it was a good thing – but not a pleasure. Excitement may remind you of dreams that have been buried for a long time. It might wake up the potential that you never knew before, maybe, you don’t have dreams, and that’s forcing you to dream.

– three years we wandering wandering countless places to do promotion, we participated in the field, Xiamen, Nanchang, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, should go to the place where we’ve been, that does not represent a misfortune, but a persistent. While we have the strength, while we share the persistent mentality, at this point when the wind does not float when, of course, we put into the process, and we work hard. It’s not what we want. We want dreams and dreams. We have to do a new era of fashion drift generation, who desires to drift, we not only float is a persistent heart! We have to make sacrifices for their work because of others and self assessment, don’t just follow the rules, the rules also create, to do everything things according to their own judgment, although this will be a bit of trouble. read more


Where is the way out for navigation sites

Since Baidu

million acquisition of hao123, Google launched 265, navigation website is like bamboo shoots after a spring rain on the same all over on both sides of the Changjiang River, the Yellow River. Among the famous include 114la, 360 navigation, and later.

the reason why this happens, I think there are two reasons, one is the site navigation technology threshold low, the whole network all over the site navigation program, sometimes you only need to know how to modify the A record, you can set up a navigation site, in addition to the name, and even can not make any changes; the second is navigation the site need to devote time and effort is far less than other types of site navigation website information is not successful, you don’t have to do the same day as the portal station or write a copy and paste automatic acquisition code, you only need to look at every famous navigation station, do you think that the value added to your website your station can be. read more


What should websites do to get more people to dig out their wallets

with the development of network, more and more people every day of the tour information on the Internet, concerned about national affairs, world affairs, it can be said that not many people are holding the desire to buy online tour, so how to make these people have the desire to buy it, in fact, this is not difficult, the key is do you want it. In e-commerce, there are traffic, not that your goods can be sold out, but to guide consumers, not his initiative, but you have to take the initiative.

a lot of visitors to see the first time the site’s slogan to attract people, if the slogan is not attractive, but also about what make the customer pay, visitors to your site, the website should have the slogan to let him continue to read down, continue to stay on the site. But many owners do not understand what is the slogan slogan in the website is very simple, is to pull out a line of characters in the home page, you play the characteristic of the website, to let visitors feel in your site to continue to go on tour is a huge loss, if your slogan is successful, your first step is to represent the go. read more


About search engines included a number of related reasons

remembers that we often browse other people’s wonderful speeches and articles at forums, blogs, and so on. We are often in some Adsense forums to see many posts for help "why am I standing in the search included only a few pages? Why my website has yet to be included? Why do I stand up to now only included a home page? Which master to help me ah!" and so on, and so on the article is too much, whether this is what causes the website included less. There are many reasons for it. Here I only list some common, hoping to help solve the puzzles of novice webmaster. read more


Experience from a garbage station to a local gate station

From 2004

was admitted to the Hebei University of Economics and Business, major is computer, during the school has been learning knowledge, until 2007 to see the Blackhawk base site, that site can make money on advertising, and then joined the Black Hawk study, at the beginning of the parties is not very understanding, personal ability is limited, so (level) from the first station to start, before long, my first station was born, the website Chinese name sharing network forum, domain name I will not say. read more


Let collection become original an article triggered thinking

          last night at ADMIN5 published an article [to] only stationmaster net do new before analysis ADMIN5 address:    

            about half an hour by the audit, released less than two hours, out of curiosity, but also to test the ADMIN5 in Baidu’s reaction speed. I am in Baidu enter the title of the first analysis of the ADMIN5, Baidu included new sites before, but that it was not ADMIN5. it is a reprint of the station network. This article does not address the] from ADMIN5 hasn’t been included in Baidu [should be not put out. This makes me curious. Is to weight the webmaster nets and the updating speed will make the first step to reprint station read more


6 ways to increase the volume of transactions on the Web access successful conversion and profitab

for the current webmaster do promotion work, the main purpose is to let more Internet users know there is such a web site. And let it know the purpose of the existence of what is it, in order to have more Internet users to visit their website, pay attention to your website?. Many webmaster think as long as there are users concerned about their web site, so the purpose of promotion is achieved. In fact, the ultimate goal of website promotion is to change the amount of the website visit to the successful amount of the transaction, realize the profit of the website, and promote the economic development of the enterprise. read more