Don’t ignore the chain effect in the five blog blog chain broadcasting

: the first on the theme of the blog. To build a blog, you must clear what is your blog theme, so as to have to leave your outside chain corresponding to the in your blog, you are going to do a professional blog, or blog, or knowledge of the blog, or an industry blog, establish the theme clear objectives, built the blog title, can be targeted to the chain around the theme of the work.

blog, we also should regard it as their own website, intentions to protect it, cherish it like love their children, give him watering, fertilization, it can thrive, only to have the sentiment, can have more fans stayed to see the scenery with you. I do not know this analogy, you agree? Blog must go, write a blog to write carefully. In order to make a good blog.

third: on the blog content optimization, and I talk about this. Blog content. Suggest that we must adhere to the original, weekly update. If you can’t really original, so must also transfer some interesting content, only good content will attract spiders, but also allows users to love. You can write more rich content, such as diary habits can also record their life, some life photos, this is more true, the other is your knowledge and experience to share with you, good experience, something of value, provides to the user, the user will become you loyal fans. < >

second: blog theme clear, you need to on your blog for the overall transformation, also is the layout of the set. The layout, the proposal must be perfectly logical and reasonable characteristics, in addition to, looks beautiful, be sure to allow customers to have a warm feeling. So blog template selection is also very important to choose some simple and legible template, some template is full of animation, see the words, it is not suitable for. But also choose a good template to your blog content layout, optimize the. Setting up your blog classification, fill in your personal information, for example, you need to add Links etc.. Detailed settings, and your contact information. These make this is here to talk about the content of the optimization.

on the chain blog, I have been doing this for two years. Large and small blog also apply a lot of bother, but thinking of nursing, and then 1.2, but if you put 1.2 of them to the blog, is also pretty good. We may not be accurate to every blog, but at least you should develop a 1.2 blog, there is a stable source, long-term fans, support your friends, you have a fixed customer base, so this blog to be successful. The grassroots blog, too much, but how can you be at the grassroots talent shows itself in the blog, but you need to pay a lot of effort and thought. It talked about the blog optimization problem. So how do the optimization of the blog? Now I share my experience.

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