Baidu snapshot update slow please don’t panic

through the above cited snapshot of the webmaster friends to look Baidu, not for snapshots


there are many such examples, some famous website also appeared reluctant to update the snapshot, but on their website does not like what effect, in which the author not enumerate out.

from the above data the station for the coffee machine website snapshot time according to the present 2013-11-11, according to today, 35 days apart, but the site has not been right, its ranking did not decline the keyword "Shenzhen coffee machine" was ranked the first list as shown in figure

for the Baidu snapshot problem is many webmaster always see more important, many owners will be one of the standard used to judge whether a site is down right, but also all the webmaster in one of the standard judgment Links exchange. In fact, in my opinion only using Baidu snapshot to judge a site quality level is really a bit too one-sided, especially the use of periodic snapshot update this statement to determine whether a site is down right. Of course, if the snapshot of a site update cycle is relatively fast to be better for the update slow station, indicating that the site updated the content of high quality, the update cycle is faster, Baidu spiders index cycle faster, like this kind of website is very healthy. But for the snapshot update cycle slow sites cannot be absolute judgment of this station is not good or judge this kind of website is down right, I remember in the last year have seen several articles is to say, if Baidu snapshot for more than a week did not update the words that have the website this kind of argument is right down the suspect at the time, I was for a snapshot is for gospel truth, againer, found that as long as the website snapshot for a week without an update, will be very worried, worried about website was drop right and so on. But for now I view a website snapshot update slow, don’t panic, to look at whether the snapshot update problem with a common heart, to update the original content and high quality of the chain site there will be a new look. For many webmaster think snapshot there is a period of time without fear or doubt the update site is down right problem, the author thinks that it is a little cross. The author lists the following case in point:

I hope the

as shown above the site is a P2P site, from the above data in the sea the weight is 3 PR for the 6 love Shanghai is expected to flow to 842 per day, but the snapshot time today is for "2013-11-21", "general conditions for the best time for the next snapshot snapshot, or up to two to three more days" according to some webmaster worry snapshot time, according to the station today has 25 days apart, the snapshot is not updated, as such this station is down right now, obviously it is not. From the above data it seems that the station is a very good site, the snapshot did not affect the station. Again the snapshot time optimization on the coffee machine site is as follows:

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