The site did not earn 200 ranking still experience

want to learn about the Shanghai dragon people are often out of confusion, people do not know how to start, I let them go to build a personal blog, do Shanghai dragon people, even blogs are not, it is also free for these? Want to learn friends for their website building tutorials need to do is just to buy space and domain name, most of the space do not understand, and good space is more expensive, I will provide space for them with my agent identity, Western Digital sales of 300 yuan, I would buy agent can sell them 220 yuan, not only for the purchase of friends to spend the least money get a good space, you can also earn a little money;

believe that we see this title will feel unbelievable, not on the website rankings can earn 200? Fooled me? I just want to say, the age of the Internet, only you can not think of, but also earn 200 is the lowest, Cen Huiyu is looking for a long time, and want to share? But we see all the day Ranking Ranking up also make painstaking efforts, the conversion is not high, so I decided to share this valuable method to you, then look down.

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want to learn a lot of Shanghai dragon friends and some friends website problems found me, of course, the first time I plan for others is free, only to solve the people’s problems, in order to obtain the trust of the late, when such a friend asked me when I can receive appropriate program costs;

program by way of making money


two. Write your article, news source on behalf of money

In addition to the

two. Make money on the sale of space

effort is the basis, the method is the key, ultimately depends on the implementation; these words I have as my motto, it is difficult for most people to make money, because it is the right way, at the beginning of the period I like most people, the daily update aimlessly, send the chain, although the ranking is up, but the money’s shadow didn’t see; in a chance, I do know some Western Digital Space Agency friends in her where I learned that the agent can get server identity using cheap, that I use in the Western digital identity agent to buy, and then sold to a model of others, at the beginning of the period it is difficult to sell a group, the whole day to send advertising, have no effect, then contribute in a large platform such as A5 search outside, long insisted that I paid off quickly, Until now, there are 5-10 and I every day, turnover of at least 2, here’s what I’m in what way to make money.

scheme and the space for them to sell, can also make your article to write, some website friends, is thinking about how to promote their own websites, and the traditional chain has been unable to meet this demand, many of my friends want to learn Shanghai dragon and Cen Huiyu in large forum submission, but rebuffed again and again, to tell the truth, I >


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