Zhou Wen on the first step by the title to write a good article

content of title

soft from the literal interpretation of the article is soft, no exaggeration to say that 60% of the soft effect depends entirely on the title of the soft wen. The title of the soft since there is so much power, so we first step how to do? The good old saying that the "people rely on clothes, the Buddha by gold", then the soft nature is the title of the clothes. Because the soft Wen title is the beginning of everything, any reader to understand this article, must look at the title, if the soft article title to attract readers, readers interested in content, then it is equal to 60% of your success, here by me for you to talk about how to write a good article title.


1, the article summarizes the general title to the central idea is appropriate, there are a lot of the title of the party, in order to cheat the user clicks, the title and content often completely irrelevant, if they succeed, users no longer believe these sites will have a negative impact on the website.


is more than 3 for a summary of how to write a good article title, and want to explore the webmaster, let us work together to improve the soft writing level, from the written title of the soft start. >

2, the title should have keywords, as a soft, the title is the target keywords, which we have to locate the target keywords into the soft in the title.

header formatThe title of the

4, title to attractive, modern society, unattractive people won’t ignore you, so how to attract the eye, let the user can use the question, gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory? Ask the way, plus quick cheats, novice book, the temptation of money, some summary and so on words, but don’t be too exaggerated so, it will be counterproductive, let users feel too pompous lie, we must attract and grasp the title of.

, a title words

soft for title words, suggest you the best short and fine, generally controlled within 18 words. If too long it is procrastination, users do not have the patience to read, and displayed on the page will also be cut off behind the title content. Is concentrated essence, and more prominent central idea of short text, but also conducive to the search engine for the display of the title of the soft wen.

3, the title should keep pace with the times, now the information is updated to better, whether it is the search engine or users love to watch the latest hot topic, then we will join as in the title: the latest, 2011, 2012, this kind of popular keywords emu.

format is generally the whole sentence summary of the contents of the article, if doubt ask the way back can add a question mark?. There is little parentheses () plus the title of the way, or to guide the subtitle. Sometimes, a comma to separate the title. Some will be used as "", "" and so on, but suggest some strange symbols or not as much as possible, so as not to think is garbled.

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