Xu Guoxiang seven tips to write the original article

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we each have their own areas of expertise, can write their own field. Only in areas of expertise, we can write a good article, how also not laborious. Because you have this experience, write out is what you have done. In fact, our webmaster every day to maintain their own site (whether the company or individual), every day there are different problems, so we should learn to sum up their own problems, solutions are summarized the problem to find the problem, will record all of your own experience, summed up the actual combat experience is the most popular.

three, by looking at the comments messages and comments

to do the webmaster, go to the forum and blog every day too many opportunities, I usually go to the Shanghai dragon is why, chianz and A5, will go to a lot of blogs to comment on my blog, I went to visit each again. Of course, like loose, Xiao Jun such a well-known blog is going to go, we have to go to the relevant forums to learn every day, look at others to write articles, they have different views on these different views you write, is not an original you own. And in the forum, the novice webmaster every day to ask a lot of questions, especially as the website promotion method, website optimization method of such problems, you worry about nothing to write, others worry about every day can not solve the problem, the two of you together is not the original article! Common website promotion problem before I write the answer is a combination of the questions people ask to write out.

We estimate

general articles will have messages and comments, especially the blog, you can use these comments, to see others’ views on this article, we should pay more attention to others’ comments or questions, the evaluation of others may make you have a good article or some shortcomings; combined with other questions and that the improvement can also be written out to share the experience of a soft paper. It can also deepen exchanges, is not so much junk comments appeared.

the most concerned about is how to do the chain, and write text can be said to be the increase of the chain, the most effective way and the highest value, but has been difficult to write some soft Wen, directly using the pseudo original, but the personal feeling of pseudo original effect is not how good, unless you understand the meaning, according to their own means to write, or take the pseudo original technique to modify, the effect is not very good, Xu Guoxiang today and everyone together to talk about how to write original articles

four, should pay attention to the latest IT information

, a summary of personal experience

related forums and blogs

we should always pay attention to the latest IT information, he will give me many opportunities to write articles, metaphor recent nobility baby PR update, and the previous love Shanghai know revision, Chinaz webmaster tools to the latest revision of noble baby >

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