What is the love of Shanghai MP the introduction of what is the benefit of the web page

MIP HTML based tags based on HTML set a new standard, based on the part of the basic label use restrictions or extensions, so HTML can show more rich content;

if you still don’t understand what is love Shanghai MIP, we can give you an example, is more concerned about the Olympic Games, can fall in love with the word sea search in the mobile phone, it is a reference to the effect of love of Shanghai MIP.

(3) MIP Cache


(2) MIP JS

lead: use the buddy love Shanghai Webmaster Platform should note, the platform recently added a new MIP into the tool, many owners don’t know what love is MIP, introduced Shanghai MIP what is the benefit of the page, the following technical eon Xiaobian to introduce how to use MIP to love Shanghai.



from the definition of MIP in us is not difficult to see that the introduction of MIP can achieve better acceleration of mobile page.

MIP JS can ensure fast rendering MIP HTML pages;

The introduction of Shanghai

MIP Cache is used to implement a cache of MIP pages, so as to further improve the performance of the page.

Page, which is an open mobile Web accelerator, a set of technical standards for mobile web pages. MIP provides the MIP-HTML specification, the MIP-JS runtime environment and the MIP-Cache page caching system, mobile web acceleration.

love MIP what are the benefits of

first, we first look at what is MIP

The main composition of The full name of MIP Mobile Instant

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