The new line of Shanghai Longfeng construction plan

Wenzhou Wenzhou gynecology hospital _ regular gynecological hospital _ _XX hospital obstetrics and gynecology doctors online consultation !

3 pages, plus one is related to the content and content under the next article, to love Shanghai! Spider grab other articles! The article has just started to do a anchor text to the first page, page or column page! Late weight, can do two or three anchor text! First appeared in the article keywords crude! ALT: add keywords image attributes in

key words: pregnancy how long can be measured


3, column page can occasionally be a region of Wenzhou are as follows: the long tail word! Do pregnancy check how much money _ pre pregnancy check _XX hospital

2, a column page into the original information, strengthen the column page content not put some title, when the full column, column page can carry the core word

1, home in addition to place the brand information, put some product information, so that the release of new products at home can also be updated

content layout:

!The third step: The first step of Key words:


second step: find the "regional core word" domain name domain name is available space! "Regional core word" the first letter, we can try to love Shanghai search input "regional core words of the first letter", which shows the love Shanghai drop "regional core word"! This domain name and related keywords, when love the Shanghai index, it is much easier to match!: server space should be stable, safe, compression; recommend Putian Lanyun network company and other large service providers, fast customer service guaranteed service rate. FTP support; program: mainstream program PHP or.Net! Can directly operate 301 redirect page 404


: the rival site or love Shanghai promotion assistant dig words, words, find the core region, regional industry core word long tail word

2, column page three or so industry core words are as follows: pre pregnancy check! _ pregnancy how long can be measured _ pregnancy how long can check out the _XX

region of the long tail word: Wenzhou gynecological examination need to how much

!The fourth step:


1, three, five home page keywords that can do the core word, word brand!! in fact many sites are on the product page, the inside pages of the flow! Analysis core words of the top three websites, see their keyword density, can make your site keyword density than their high; but do not exceed eight percent! As follows:

! site layout! layout

H: 1, into the keywords in the H1 and H2 tags, help to improve the correlation. H1 contains important keywords, tell the search engine which word is the key of this

as follows:

regional gynecological hospital in WenzhouThe


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