On the way to the joy of the user navigation system

if you want to target customers, understand what is the actual problem through the navigation system? In small series, the first is the need to understand the "where am I", because the user may be through an external link to the inside pages of the site, for a new visitor, he may not know themselves in what this place, use navigation is prominent; secondly, "I want to go there" is the second issue of the user needs to solve, to some customers come in after all is very strong, he may just need to know what are the enterprises in the recruitment, when our navigation system led him into "looking for work" the page, so that users don’t have to spend a lot of energy and time to run


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2, the navigation system has good click distance

from Shanghai dragon professional perspective, a clear site navigation system must include some fixed rules, so as to be a search engine like, thus increasing the possibility of spider crawling, grabbing. What is the so-called natural factors, and small

1, text navigation is essential for

almost all of the site for the target group is the domestic Internet users, so the text to achieve the navigation function is very necessary, if you use English, although it looks very tall, but Xiaobian many people cannot read, does this make sense? Of course, we try to use the text navigation HTML common text navigation, avoid the use of pictures as navigation links, automatic navigation system not to use JavaScript, or use Flash do navigation is not desirable. Maybe you are going to ask why, because the most common text links to search engine is the most commonly recognized, but also the minimum resistance crawling channel, so everyone in the design of text navigation must avoid some tall on technology

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most novice Shanghai Longfeng practitioners must not know.

, Xiao Bian just took Hefei talent network, we first need to understand the basic information of the site is, this navigation system is what kind of, how to provide users with a clear navigation function before the problem is small valued part. Of course, a clear navigation system is an important goal of the website design, impact on the site’s information architecture, user experience and other factors is very large. So in the design of navigation system, from the point of view of Shanghai dragon is the focus can not be ignored.

search engine algorithm for navigation system of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, must not be too strange, because it is almost every site you need to set the content, not only to better prompt to the user, can also be search engine grab smoothly. So that novice Shanghai dragon er who wants to have a good user experience, or the first to target users to establish a clear site navigation system


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