On the train and love Shanghai Taobao keyword promotion essence

love Shanghai, I have a feeling that it is love Shanghai user search intention never as simple as Taobao users. Taobao users search for a word, there is definitely related to the demand for the purchase, "

from another perspective, it means less accurate. Some people say that the train / love Shanghai burn ah, money is rushing out, the money is scanty, or even make ends meet. I want to ask these people, what are you put the word? Is precise words? If you build a 4 plan, a plan of up to 200 words, you don’t burn who burn? In fact can contribute to effective access, is then hundred words, or less niche industry standard the industry of words.

in addition, we can also choose to do business through keywords and what level of customer. Such as "free website" and its related words. If we are to provide services, from these words over the flow is not high quality customers. Why? Because the customer’s search intention is very clear: that is to be free, up to at a very low price to do. If we do not have the free establishment of such activities, or the price is no advantage, why should we put the word


compared to network alliance or drill exhibition, many businesses prefer keyword promotion. No other reason is because of the keyword is accurately controlled, the only algorithm to do the bidding is not precise point.

Why ?

we can choose the customers through the choice of keywords, as in the above example, we can choose to "dress" and "chiffon dress" launch, and we should take the "dress", "cotton dress out".


for example. For example, we are doing the ladies, we have to bid for a dress. This dress is the attribute: commuting short sleeved chiffon…… Wait。 But we put the words including "locomotive" wind "" long sleeved cotton ""…… So, we can through these words to produce a deal? Obviously is unlikely! After all, if you put on these words, you are pure burn! Burn can take a warm, these words you burn what?!

Taobao keyword promotion, belong to a keyword ranking. The difference is mainly to show material train pictures, love Shanghai promotion text. Overall, the core idea of both a homologous. The official definition of the train are: precision marketing tools. The same as the keywords for love Shanghai search promotion, as well as the train, with precision marketing tools.

first thing to say is what is accurate? Is our accurate information accurately in front of the customer demand. How to achieve accurate? Must be done by the choice of keywords.

Train and love Shanghai

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