n December 2012 the United States share of mobile search or search report will continue to erode PC

Google: 66.7% (November 67% share)

YAHOO and Bing search alliance was founded in 2009, today the alliance control less than 29% of the search market share. The transaction has brought benefits to Bing, but YAHOO is a failure, will continue to be the market share.

Bing:16.3% (November 16.2% share)

in December 2012 than in November overall search volume rose 4% in December 2011 and November; the U.S. market share data comparison:


we can observe that the search volume decline in 2011. However, there is the overall search volume decreased because of the encroachment of mobile devices PC end search traffic. According to one analyst said, "this is the end of the PC search volume fell for the first time, because we started tracking the data in 2006."



AOL:1.8% (November 1.7% share)



these data reflect the Bing and Google respectively to 16% and 67% of the overall stable market share continues to grow, Google occupy 2/3 of the share is still way ahead. However, YAHOO and Bing search alliance since its inception basically no growth.

it will take six months to a year of data we can safely draw the conclusion that it is because the PC side search has reached its peak, or because of confusion of the tablet computer. Original address: 贵族宝贝semofchina贵族宝贝/article-7-1.html, please indicate the source, thank you

ASK:3.0% (November 3% share)

YAHOO: 12.2% (November 12.1% share)

in late January 11th, comScore released the December 2012 U.S. search market share. According to official information released, this is the data is:

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