Optimization of site navigation allow customers to find more useful information as soon as possible


site navigation design

navigation position. The main navigation bar should be located in or near the top of the page on the left side of the position, because if the content is too much to the sub navigation, to allow the user to easily distinguish the main navigation bar, which is a sub navigation theme.

Simple navigation using

. Use of navigation must be as simple as possible, avoid using the drop-down or pop-up menu navigation, if there is no way must be used, then not more than two level menu.

2. clarify the content and links between websites. That is an index and understanding of the content of this website finishing, the most common application is the site map and content index table, show the whole website catalog information, help users quickly find relevant content;

3. locate the user on a web site’s position. The breadcrumb navigation has been fully reflected, it help page and website users to identify the current browsing content overall relationship between connection and differentiation and other content in the web site.

aided navigation. To provide a visual indication to the user, let the user know now where the location of the website name, each position have links to return, in every page must include navigation and the upper left corner of the site LOGO logo.

1. to guide the user through the web page jump between each content. This is the most common, global and local navigation and navigation aided navigation are to guide the user to browse related pages;

"instructions. Should let the user know now to see "what is now" and with the relevant page to see what is, for example by " assisted navigation; home > news channel > "

site navigation is used to guide the search site visitors convenient and fast, site navigation the rationality and applicability of the influence to the customer experience on the site, so including top, bottom and side navigation should as far as possible to the user friendly, easy to use, to ensure that users want to see " " in as the prominent position, all the elements in the navigation should reflect various directories and subdirectories, logic, and each correlation between the main theme, to help users find relevant content.

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