Shanghai Longfeng method practitioners must learn the novice Shanghai Dragon

1) to develop implementation plans, and strictly implement the plan

Shanghai dragon an antidote against the diseaseWe often

in order to increase website traffic and brains, often for such problems and distress, when your site content is good, do very beautiful, the update is also very fast, but there is no traffic. So, do not blindly, with Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis about it, an antidote against the disease, is therapeutic. Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis is simple in the website optimization process, find the website on the search engine all adverse factors, from the analysis of the domain name to the space business, from the server to speed may affect the search engine adverse server IP, from program design, to search engine framework like etc.. Find the crux of the problem, according to the plan in accordance with the diagnosis, in order to fundamentally solve the problem.

2) do Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, improve the site’s ranking

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, search engine optimization, in short, is using search engine to improve the objective rules in relevant website search engine rankings in the way, and ultimately to improve site traffic, enhance the ability of the website promotion. The proper use of Shanghai dragon to web service is very important, but this is before being ignored by many of China’s planning and design of the site staff, they tend to put more thoughts on the perfect site function and beautify the site. Now, we have become increasingly aware of the search engine optimization work is needed throughout the site planning, construction, maintenance of the whole process of every detail.

finally, we want to say is, insisted that victory, this sentence with the true saying in Shanghai Longfeng work > er

website ranking in a search engine will produce what kind of effect on the website of the promotion, we all understand. Since the ranking plays such an important role for the site, so we first need to understand is, what are the main factors influencing the website ranking. Here we need to refer to a concept, and the search engine algorithm, it is used to determine the search engine ranking formula, as it considers what factors, we did not say that today we communicate how the application execution plan table and Shanghai dragon chicken diagnosis of Shanghai dragon escort.

in Shanghai Longfeng, we should set a Shanghai dragon programme implementation, and in strict accordance with the implementation of the work table. Schedule, not only can clear objectives, and we can promote the rational allocation of time, make work everything in good order and well arranged. Schedule is clear how many people we want to accomplish many tasks in the long period of time. Every day each member needs many published original articles, the number of external links on the web site, which sections and so on but also in the plan to do specific requirements in the table. Good plan, next is in accordance with the requirements of the effective implementation of the. There are no special circumstances, and not lazy. In the implementation process, we should pay close attention to your site and ranking, website optimization analysis, timely adjust the schedule.

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