Shanghai dragon love Shanghai keywords ranking drop diagnose method and new media solutions

using Chinaz and love station network, query the recent sharp fluctuations in website weight is.

of the target page content is greatly changed.

  Whether the

a large number of short-term external links in illegal sites.

is the frequent replacement of the target page title.


technical personnel change link form, static dynamic etc..

  Whether the Whether the The The

1, to determine whether the change in the weight of the site, which has affected the page


DNS DNS service problems.

is reducing the number of external links.


advertising increases and decreases, whether the emergence of pop ads, banner ads, rolling window.

< > Whether the

a lot of people in the building site of Shanghai Longfeng early and not particularly understand, often take some wrong methods, leading to the site keywords ranking, continue to decline, although the new media personnel most of the original ability is very strong, love Shanghai to the original content to improve the weight, but the basic structure and the principle of Shanghai dragon still need to understand.

4, website external links

the short-term external links are increasing rapidly.

is a major festival recently, long holidays.

the internal anchor text is greatly reduced, automatically add keywords plug-ins are wrong.

2, see the physical structure of the site, whether the change of

3, the website internal structure is changed

view love Shanghai included, and recently missing pages which, in the history of the weight of the webmaster tools you can view.

webhosting replacement host IP, server parameter adjustment.

new media operation blowout era, many people from the media not only in the new media platform registered accounts, but also to build a personal website with interest.


finishing sharply back and the disappearance of the keyword page.

today, just to share with you, the website keywords ranking falling in love Shanghai in search results, we should how to diagnose and restore

! The

is using cloud acceleration services, cloud acceleration service providers whether recent line adjustment.


external links site outside the chain increased nofollow carrier.

navigation, side navigation, TAG page, or change

view background statistics, recently the site traffic fluctuation range.

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