Pomegranate algorithm on line medical station should pay attention to what

The second is to increase the content of the website ?

, the quality of this one, not only the love of Shanghai is on the adjustment of pop right down, but also to the original to make some adjustments, because the love of Shanghai’s original spark program has been launched, there will certainly be greatly reflected in the algorithm of pomegranate.


will do so on the Internet has greatly improved, but for the medical station but inevitably have great harm. As we all know, the medical station is for business window to improve the conversion rate, the amount of up to bring. So in the face of this love Shanghai algorithm update medical station owners need to pay attention to what you say or medical station webmaster to do?

preferred, Xiao Bian think for medical removal business pop is not realistic, so the webmaster need to optimize business popups, try to make the business window the user does not affect normal browsing, don’t let the whole page is business pop or floating window, so as not to affect the user experience of this piece.

Xiaobian that user experience to do you need to do, the website structure, website 404, website website article is concise and easy to understand, easy to understand, the help to the user, open speed website, website compatibility etc.. Only do these, our website can be said to be truly useful websites for users, so love Shanghai not to the rankings, users must not dare.

May 17th, love Shanghai introduced a new algorithm – Pomegranate algorithm, there are many differences between this algorithm and other algorithms, but in general is to improve the user experience of this piece. And contains a lot of bad advertising hinder the normal browsing of users page, especially to confuse the pop up a large number of low quality pop ads, the main content of the page page spam made statement to crack down.

small in the medical industry this time found in all sites in medical treatment are inevitable with business pop, because it can make their own network consulting, and to improve the diagnosis. Not only the medical industry, is the enterprise station or large portal site will have these commercial pop, so small that this business is not possible to delete all popups, but how we want to be both a business and pop, conflict can not

these are small for more than a year in the medical industry in their own views, there may be many of the deficiencies, I hope you give guidance. This article from the 贵族宝贝qh536yy.net/ Xining anorectal Hospital, please keep the link.

is the last good user experience of this piece, it said so much, is around the user experience of this piece, so do the user experience is not only a medical station to do, but also all websites need to do. Do the user experience need those

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