Talk about the optimization of vertical industry websites from the machinery website

first, the optimization of vertical industry websites should emphasis professional. In fact, as a vertical industry website, the most important thing is to reflect its specialization, "vertical" refers to the development trend of an industry is clear. When we optimize the website jump out rate, we should be aware of this problem. For their own web sites operating products, this is a more professional term, usually only want to buy to use or understand the user (professionals) to search this word, it is also possible to browse the relevant website carefully. It also directly bring a good user positioning clear, if the site is not professional, it is not attract these professionals. Vertical industry websites in website optimization, should be directly reflected in the professional website users direct access to the interface, such as the site of the banner sign can be placed relevant certification information, published in the bulletin module home authoritative information, enterprise image reflects the strength of enterprises, the product detail page display professional. This is a vertical industry site to the user’s first impression, it looks like a pure advertising station website is not attractive, not to mention these professional users.

website operation for a long time, especially as a webmaster feel there are a lot of experience. Many people say that talking about the mobile Internet, talking about the business model, but as a common vertical industry website webmaster, I don’t think I must be distracted to everyone and transfer to other areas, attention can only do one thing. I only do a product site operation, is the laser cutting machine, there would probably be very few people to pay attention to such a product, but according to my two years of operating experience, and want to share your for vertical industry website optimization thinking.


with the development of the Internet, the difference of the domestic Internet industry is also increasingly obvious. Many enterprises, especially the production and marketing enterprises, company leaders realize that Internet marketing to bring benefits immediately after pay attention to the website promotion of products, so the company set up a special website promotion team or outsource company to do. However, many vertical industry websites (such as professional product promotion website) for a period of time the webmaster friends, especially the nature of the industry relatively unpopular webmaster, after a long time Shanghai dragon and PPC, but found that the conversion rate of the site is not so can view, so complain about complaining that, the is responsible for the search engine algorithm or the industry is too upset. Vertical industry websites have so popular? In fact, we also see a vertical industry website friends, often complain about now what love Shanghai cheating, not only ranked ranked on the website, the conversion rate of last month is zero, it is to do with the industry, I think a website, especially the vertical industry site not we think so simple, such as the Shanghai dragon, by PPC can not go long, but need a deeper understanding of the site, do the optimization work.

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