Small and medium sized enterprises to do keyword monopoly by Shanghai Dragon

high weight shops were collected over a period of time will have certain ranking, here is mainly to add Links, or the principle according to the key difficulty to add links, difficult point is to other shops are to be Links, can be a single direction. There is no fixed link what principle, as long as each shops are linked to it. Here we should pay attention not to use the order of one-way sprocket, so.

below to see how small and medium enterprises of monopoly:

to find out some of this platform is respectively registered, setting shops. Shops set the main title, keywords and description, there is the use of keywords distribution home shop, here we can use the classification, name and product distribution.

! Keywords The

previously sorted according to the difficulty to pick out a few, large shops were interspersed with looking to the shop every title is not a keyword as like as two peas, interspersed with.

After some

shop set to be released some product information, waiting for the collection, release the product when not all one-time later released on the matter, to be released every day some.

2, mining high weight website

determine these work as long as the contact of Shanghai dragon for a long time friends all know how to do, do not say with this, do not know to learn

search by keywords to do and related keywords, find out from the search results in a partial ranking website. If there is a high weight site you own hands is better, the best correlation between older. If enterprises generally use the B2B enterprise shops can, many website business shops are two level domain name, and can set up shops title, keywords and description, the main is to use this two level domain name shops.

first we need according to their own company’s website as a positioning analysis, determined to do keywords. Because this is a relatively time-consuming work so that must choose good keywords, find some high conversion keywords do little competition. After determining the key words, according to the search index and the degree of competition as a sort of.

above the search results you can search for "love Shanghai manufacturers" no asbestos gasket can be seen here, only part of the interception. Although this is not how successful, but the idea is correct.

I do not know when, had a number of QQ within the group to see the people love Shanghai keywords monopoly advertisement, the advertisement that everybody can understand what is the meaning of. Recently in optimizing a website also started a Shanghai dragon do keyword monopoly. Here we can first look at a case

, 3 shops on each link optimization



After the

Keywords Keywords

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