The interpretation of love Shanghai 2 upgrade Scindapsus algorithm

July 1st the head of the community and love Shanghai to crack down on the announcement of the soft chain, Scindapsus is blow the garbage outside the chain before and now hit the soft outside the chain of the webmaster, how will not cause the love for Shanghai upgrade algorithm leading to drop right. The following section as we interpret the Shanghai dragon love Shanghai algorithm upgrade announcement, we get some ideas from outside the chain.

love Shanghai news source soft, insert. And more than one in the article. The news source is good, but not good rankings included fast flow, so we should take the long tail word and word ranking brand in the operation to seize the main resources of this type. For example, "how the Xi’an modern music arts training school?" this kind of title, and then try to objectively expounds the content inside instead of advertising that can backfire.



this is the title of the party and the target anchor text keywords website content >


here enumerated 2 and 3 together because the picture is too big, not the map, you can see Webmaster Platform to love Shanghai. This is a typical type of cheating, obviously is the use of the title of the party high weight website to attract traffic, exhausted which good how are we doing this title? First of all, the customer search this keyword is certainly want to see some criteria, so we first need in the content to solve the user’s own standard and then find some advantages a list of several in the last paragraph, and then write their own company’s advantage only one brand can not say words, can put the best photos.

The case of A case of

love Shanghai this announcement and the past is the biggest short, generally only three words and then posted five links to illustrate what belongs to the combat areas. Then we went from five on his list to see how we do not love to punish Shanghai.

The case of The case of


is similar to that platform, that platform is a lot of love by the master platform. Not only because here you can send the chain is more important, can obtain very large flow and the intention of the user, while Shanghai will now love this kind of chain for the judgment of the garbage chain so we do not only can guarantee a flow is not considered spam links? Is very simple, we use third party platform blog. Love will flow into Shanghai that we create love Shanghai space and then from the space to the two transformation, so there is a benefit is that we can reduce the site above some irrelevant content. Here to teach you an exclusive tips, you can create a brand word such as "coenzyme Q10" long before people don’t know this word and we can make a website and then the word row to love Shanghai home, and then use a variety of platforms to promote the word "coenzyme Q10" general website advertising is easy to be blocked and you delete a word we all do not understand nobody you.

I love Shanghai

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