Within the chain construction of Shanghai Longfeng trade website


: the first page of the link at the bottom of the page In addition to the

: a web page at the bottom of the information

May 16th the author wrote: "fake foreign trade station of Shanghai dragon" diagnostic articles, simple diagnosis about foreign trade website, today to talk about foreign trade website optimization a key link in the chain: construction, Shanghai dragon in chain construction is a commonplace talk of an old scholar thing. But in the chain or according to their actual needs, such as the Shanghai Dragon: if you want to make a directory page weight is higher, can be in the home to the directory page of a link. The first look inside the chain structure of foreign trade website (on the company’s website as an example).

Figure three:

fourth: product news page link directory page

pictured above the player directory page links to many other pages, it is convenient for visitors to click, is conducive to the user experience. But too many links to other pages, the weight will reduce this page. For our players to stand, can not fire players within the page links popular player page, so you can add some weight to the key player page.

Figure two:

news page link directory page

Figure four:

web page description



: at the bottom of the information web page (Web site, company information, copyright notice and payment Links), this is a NBA shirt website, keywords such website promotion is a player we seldom go to the promotion website domain name now. Of course, can also go to the directory page with the domain name optimization player, but a lot of players. The weight of the domain name will be transferred to you want to focus on the promotion of the page, the company information or payment notice these pages can use nofollow, because we do not want to be included in these pages.

on the company’s website as an example, the website homepage will generally have a description. The station is on a natural Jersey team description, the description will appear hot players. On the one hand is to increase the density of keywords, one is to add a link, but the number of home page outbound links too much, the weight of each link will get smaller. It is best not to link too much home page.

product page can add sites included, only the news page. As the enterprise website, foreign trade site


directory page link directory page

As shown in figure

second: home page link description


third: catalog page link directory page

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