This time did not do the title of the party

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or many "10 cheats", "3 points" in the title, the title we can capture and recognition effectively these figures, automatically trigger your brain processing information you provide. You can simply look for related content, in full Chinese characters results page, the title of digital doping is often more attractive.

said that a phenomenon I often encountered, brush news was aimless, typos will encounter thought alive, of course the wrong character is also an effective method to create conflict. Is like in the headline of the forum if there is "on the website SEI optimization…" Will activate your thinking.

The organic combination of skills!

is also worth noting that is, although the title by the combination of digital and Chinese characters, but must not be used indiscriminately. For example: "30000 key website ranking algorithm love Shanghai" and "10 key decision site ranking algorithm, both of which love Shanghai" obviously the latter is more likely to attract people and be accepted, 30000 just listed are not really, but when the 30000 trigger your brain to tell you there are 30000 messages waiting to be read. Who will not feel tired? In order to protect the brain will automatically ignore.

textWe should see in the usual

and digital

manufacturing contradictions too much, no matter what the industry. For example, "he does not have the website of Shanghai dragon, do a month 3 weight", "mark Ding do not only do Shanghai Longfeng marketing, marketing Shanghai dragon" and "our website optimization is not called the Shanghai dragon" and so on, as long as the dongdongnaozi, this title is not only simple and effective.

is a good title, this is like the female Yan values can let a man not containing. Needless to say the title on the website of Shanghai Longfeng importance of optimization, to the media, the perfect first step to the title of the party is successful; with the network information rich and complex, how to make their own content in many talent shows itself in the results, a title is the key, not only from the media to do the same to Shanghai dragon in addition; due to Shanghai dragon also need the corresponding title collocation keywords, the difficulty is increased exponentially, so here is Makeding share a few headline


attribute words often cause the threat of attention and thinking of the user, such as "trap", "* *", "punishment", "no" and so on, Shanghai dragon also has a lot of threatening property industry words, such as "top down" and "right" and "K" and so on; for example, title for the website optimization used in the operation of "absolutely not" website optimization easily lead down the right operation "more attractive," Lu Songsong blog is down right "is a good example.


is good at using human weak

title with threat attribute

in the title made contradiction

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