The website is depilated quickly after correct treatment within a day of recovery


replace IP know the consequences will be grievous, but it replaced several times is not the way. On Saturday, before work, friends called to say our website pulled the hair, 10 Fen left! Was picked clean! Although I knew that there would be such a serious consequences, but still feel a little uncomfortable. So after work, check the information, the study on how to solve the

! !Solution:



before the Chinese New Year holiday, the company website record number suddenly canceled, normal for the time, and record the site during the closing, it will lead to the site for at least more than 20 days can not access, then keywords before optimization ranking will all disappear, even love Shanghai snapshot will be deleted. So after careful consideration, the emergency treatment measures: set up overseas CDN, modify the domain name. So the site during the Spring Festival can normal visit (but for IP, but also has a certain effect on the website, but at least you can normally access).

after the Lantern Festival, the first day I returned to the company website, and not open (the overseas CDN too TMD cheating.). Well, to quickly record, quickly put the site to fundamentally solve the problem. Quick record Raiders see 贵族宝贝chinaz贵族宝贝/web/2012/0213/235044.shtml. Then, within two days, a record number, but also is the enterprise registration number. Don’t worry about this site can not access the. So after negotiation, setting up a series of websites, finally I work in the third day after the normal visit.

After the

on Sunday with a friend’s computer check.


are said to see the essence of the surface treatment, the problem must be fundamentally solve the problem. The replacement of the IP event, which lasted more than 20 days, a record number suddenly cancelled is the fuse, is the direct reason for ip. But fortunately changed back to the original IP (which may be an important cause of the hair is pulled out quickly after the return to normal). By looking up the related approach, can do is to re submit a site that love Shanghai a way to do the site not cheating, the server also is stable, Links also delete the delete

years ago, the record has been revoked events haunt people, after years of work but do not make people worry. The space business overseas CDN server is not stable, causing the site and cannot access. And colleagues (the company is at the beginning of the month eight normal work, and I have finished fifteen to go back again) set up another overseas CDN server (again replaced website IP, fell in love with sea sick?). Listen to my colleagues said, keyword ranking dropped a lot. No way, who let you fuck, before using the personal name for the record. A review of the audit, not cancel it. But also cannot appeal

The causes of the incident: Results: the

site was plucked

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