Three months of Shanghai Longfeng optimization of the real experience

I am engaged in Shanghai Longfeng job so far almost three months from the beginning of the meeting, absolutely ignorant of, we exchange to yunliwuli to operate independently. The optimization process for it also have a certain understanding. Here, I sincerely thank colleagues in this period not to mind taking the trouble guidance and help, what all don’t understand, just contact the Shanghai dragon, basically meet is not clear is to consult with her. I always think that the problem can be found in time, feedback, solve! Can’t wait to pile up a lot of problems to solve, that’s not good, will only lead to the slower growth and progress. Next, talk about my personal experience or do Shanghai Longfeng some experience for everyone to share.

execution is perseverance, we work every day is nothing more than the hair of the chain, do link exchange. The two work in general people may seem dull.

for the novice first must know the meaning of Shanghai dragon, which is the most fundamental. (many students asked me to do what I do, said Shanghai Longfeng, some of them do not know, just to tell you the truth, I don’t know, love Shanghai come to know! Hey!) (Search Engine Optimization) Shanghai dragon engine optimization means Chinese cable search, let oneself the website by doing some internal and external optimization optimization makes the site better in the search engine search rankings, understand the meaning, can begin to learn to optimize the website.

five, finished the above work not done, you must regularly check the traffic sources to see which keywords ranking, is effective, what is invalid or competitive large, do some adjustment.

personal summary, website optimization in simple words, is divided into the following steps:

three, after the analysis of course is the keyword layout

finally, personally feel that Shanghai dragon also must have the most basic quality of execution:

four, the layout after the so-called optimization, both internal and external optimization of optimization. Internal optimization is the best original readable. The main products include adding description, category description, respectively link. External optimization mainly includes blog, comments and forums. (these every day).

, preparation, website resources and trade website resources (for the internal and external optimization to alleviate a lot of burden)

two, keyword analysis, to determine the main keywords, and analysis tools, noble baby search suggestions, relevant search, B2B platform, interbank reference site, and then expand keywords, how to expand it? According to the brand and the type, purpose, shape, color and material etc. a series of features will be classified; moreover, the analysis of competitors, look at it in the search results of the noble baby, see the top competitors website, they optimized keyword.

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