Discussion on the use of search engines to identify JS black hat Shanghai Dragon

!This paper consists of > The full name of JS

Javascript, is a computer scripting language, mainly to explain the implementation of the client browser, Javascript language can be embedded in the HTML file, can respond to users’ demand event without any network transmission data back and forth. So when a user input data, it can directly by the client application process. Interested friends can refer to the Shanghai encyclopedia interpretation of love.


recently in Fuqing Shanghai dragon saw many websites use black hat techniques, mainly the use of spiders can’t identify good JS files and loopholes.


and Google search engines love Shanghai official documents are mentioned is not recommended for sites with JS, JS can interfere with normal search engines crawl the web and cheating way is it please disguise the search engine, the JS package to the.JS file inside, let the search engine think website is the normal processing or filtering some useless information therefore, the search engine will not cause suspicion.

but Fuqing Shanghai dragon has always been advocating do blog for the Shanghai white dragon, black hat, cheating is hated, and I also believe that in the near future, the search engine will be able to establish a mechanism to combat the black hat Shanghai Dragon technology, maintenance of Internet fair, the Internet is also a pure

if there is interest in the proper study of friends can leave a contact in Shanghai Longfeng blog, the author is willing to share the JS and judge the visitors and the spider encrypted JS file with you.

logically speaking, by virtue of the powerful search engine operation mechanism of JS can be identified, but the search engine is generally reluctant to capture analysis JS, because most of the JS is a scripting language, there are many circular function JS file, after entering the spider may be in circulation and die out, so the resources will cause a huge waste! And for the encryption of JS, we are human analysis of time, not to mention the spider?

love Shanghai Google search engine can now be identified within the HTML JS jump code, Google’s relatively stronger recognition ability, but for the Google JS file and love Shanghai processing capability is to be improved.

Fuqing Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai see a company to use JS file encryption, as an advanced hiding technology, let spiders and visitors see the page is different, mainly to do hidden links and hung black chain. I see many websites including some government websites are the way hung up the black chain, hope to strengthen the safety management of the main website

recently saw a cheating judgment into the site is a visitor or a spider through the JS file. If you click on the search results, it will jump into each other target site, if you pass directly enter the URL in the address bar, then enter the site for what it is.

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