Do the analysis of competitors to let you optimize Shanghai Longfeng multiplier

The analysis of

is the last optimization analysis of internal

all of the above is a person of dragon and Phoenix optimization competitors some routine analysis in Shanghai, if you have a better method of webmaster, can discuss.

The analysis of

3, the PR value of the site, this not only to analyze the competitor’s website PR to the analysis of his reverse link PR and Links pr.

competition websiteThe optimization of

(Shenzhen private detective 贵族宝贝hua>

1, on the site of the amount collected, included a website can determine competitors every day is what time to update the article, update and so on. So we have to do is also the competitor analysis site is currently included in the total. Check competitors, recently a day, a week is included and so on. These general query tools can query.

to Shanghai dragon optimization success, competitor analysis is an essential part of, don’t bother, it allows you to optimize Shanghai Longfeng multiplier. As the saying goes, the mountains there, someone outside the person. Not every Er are called Shanghai dragon master, Shanghai dragon each Er has its own deficiency, should learn from others. And when we received the Shanghai dragon new list, but can not ignore the strength of the competition, should be analyzed thoroughly. The analysis of a competitor’s site, we should start from what aspects? The next Shenzhen private detective some routine analysis.

is followed by the analysis of competitors website promotion late

2, on the site of the age, divided into two aspects, one is the domain name whois, the other is a collection of information website snapshot date the oldest one. It can determine the precise rival domain name registration time, setup time and site.

The analysis of

1, the website server, web server is stable this is the key. Mainly from the IP line, IP position, how many web addresses and analyze the type and quality of other sites currently on the IP website,

actually it as long as you do the site, not analysis is not very important, but if you even own internal optimization is done, then you will learn the somebody else, internal optimization good observation, mainly is the original article, the internal link structure, is simple for, I personally are generally do not match.

and then to judge his server is stable, the information can not be ignored.

own This article from the

2, on the site of the chain, this is mainly to see the total number of his chain, and to determine from what kind of website, so what is the way. These we can use, can also reduce the time we collect of the chain.

first to analyze the competitor websiteAnalysis of

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