How to face the new changes of Shanghai dragon Er love Shanghai real time search algorithm

as long as the search engine users can feel the convenience of personalized search. In addition to the new technology of search engine, users in the search habits are changing, for example, before looking for the game, only to fall in love with the sea in search of "game", may search "4399 games now". The user’s personal experience.

(Real Time Search) real-time search is short for some information on the Internet, instant search, to achieve instant results. The so-called "real time" is actually a kind of people for the good wishes of real-time access to information, real-time implementation by trying we can be infinitely close to the search. At present, many people are aware of the importance of real-time search. The current implementation of the major search engines are dedicated to real-time search. The network environment will become more and more real-time, as long as the network technology, real time will continue to develop.

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three, Shanghai dragon search engine

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personalized search or personalized search, refers to the search engine based on user search history, more suitable for the user to return search results. The search history includes user search keywords, click in the search results, visit in various sites, such as bookmarks. Analysis of search engine according to these user information, the user in the search for new keywords, can return more targeted search results, so as to improve the user experience.

real-time search and personalized search is not common, but these two aspects are all spent. But the search engine changes is to improve the user experience. Shanghai Longfeng optimization work is a long-term, although love Shanghai launched a real-time search, but after a time, these results are always changing. Shanghai dragon Er work has always been to.

two, personalized search is a search for the future trend of

How to deal with ER

after the test, found that Shanghai has really love the latest function embedded in the search results, the main is to love Shanghai news source and BBS post, but no part of keyword search data. Some netizens said rebellion, Shanghai suspected waters search love real-time search, some popular keyword search results appeared in the news source content and BBS links.

, a knowledge of what is real time search

yesterday issued a "love Shanghai included the latest findings: two micro-blog, QQ space", today found Google PR big update. Search related news, found that the baby is very noble has already started real-time search, and love Shanghai recently some clues. These are the new changes in the search engine, understand the work of such changes on the Shanghai dragon Er are of great help. In addition to real-time search, then search the user’s personality is also love Shanghai pay attention to, as long as the love of members of Shanghai, the search engine will display according to the results of your search habits.

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