Make your website is K quickly back to life

1, the site was K, check the website quickly.

2, attitude adjustment, re search engine to give a sense of trust.


to update the original content, will more search to the search engine’s favor. The amount of writing according to the usual frequency of updates, to deal with common heart.

personally think that search engines crawl the site will always be to judge the angle to grasp. Intelligent search engine spiders when crawling page also has been gradually more humanized, many webmaster optimized to their site will usually collect, copy, update the website of reduplicated words interspersed with anchor text and other forms, and this is contrary to the rules of search engine, the greedy to another you need to be punished is labor, the quality determines the level of an important indicator of your own website is a solid foundation. The Nobel website is K, first is to solve their own website optimization is excessive, delete and modify some over before modification, the spider crawling to give a very important opportunity.

according to the first step, before the work to adjust the clear comb very important station. It is important to give a fresh blood filling site. A lot of people in the site to re filled, will continue to take the optimization way to give filling: for the original, add anchor text keywords, do. Personal advice is the best way to write to the original way, and do not go with the anchor text and optimize the elements in any inside. Even if you don’t write special professional articles, but because your original degree is high, the search engine grab your page again in the ratings will certainly increase.

a lot of friends found the site was K, and rash. I have asked several. He was K specialist, but too much punishment can let their mind have better capacity. If the site is the best customer, give customers a call, and the customer, to allow customers to give yourself more confidence, let the customer to give yourself a little time, to restore the site.

3, submitted to the search engine, to give the spider two times trust.

note: before the site is K, the first stop. Remember carefully before doing some optimization over whether the truth, whether because of links, whether because the article, whether because of factors such as server.


seems to love the whole of Shanghai recently adjustment is very intense, a lot of friends in the station that is two or even three of the K, the hair is pulled out. And more K is rather baffling, one of my business on hand in the station, the site has no any illegal case pulled 10 Fen left, the key is the website is a client of my management, immediately after 3 hours of operation the sweat runs down like raindrops, and on the site was 6 hours after K, home again return. The next day the ranking gradually restored, third days all normal. Gold share: make your website is K, quickly back to life.

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