The site of Shanghai Longfeng in four external unfavorable factors

when we do optimization pay more attention to their reasonable optimization techniques, as much as possible by some means, do not rigidly adhere to a method, for example, if you love Shanghai on the blog article weight is reduced, it will rely on some blogs to do outside of the chain website has great influence the ranking will certainly fluctuate. So in peacetime must take precautions, every aspect should be done, so as to adjust the time in love can be calm in the face of the sea.

In fact, as long as

2, head of the psychological quality of poor

this disadvantage I believe we all can understand, sometimes we will love Shanghai overnight to be adjusted or the manual intervention of our website optimization into 0, lucky over time will resume, unfortunately it may take longer time. In this case only, or to put a good word, that is to adhere to the.

the psychological quality of poor people in the station grew up, a lot of people because of their labour and income is not proportional, so slowly down, slowly give up. Or some outstanding ability, but the mentality is always very indifferent, it is impossible to muddle along, good optimizing a website. There are many psychological problems, such as excessive pursuit of perfection, but excessive optimization etc..

Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. In the process we do Shanghai dragon, a lot of the time we are in the hope to be able to follow the prescribed order, our website optimization better and faster, but sometimes we still encounter such problems, these problems are not without reason, but for many reasons, in these reasons, there are many is the adverse external factors. Today I will introduce the website of Shanghai Longfeng process of four external unfavorable factors, we hope to be able to check whether their optimization also has these disadvantages, to compensate for the lack of.

1, love Shanghai adjustment or manual intervention

3, optimizing the team low efficiency

The optimization of the

if there is a team operation, is able to quickly improve the efficiency of the. But a low efficiency cooperation team will seriously affect our website optimization schedule, even fatal. I know a friend, they are a small team, beginning with live, optimization easily, everyone is a clear division of labor, a person in charge of the update, the two person in charge of the chain, a person responsible for the site construction and internal optimization, very organized, but later. Live more, their team has not expanded, so everyone’s workload is big, each.

many is not our optimization ability and experience, but our bad mental quality. You think you can insist on how long once the site is well met the sandbox, a month of preparation, or two to three months of preparation, or did you start by the time of the torture down, slowly killing my will.

Lack of

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