The micro blog era boom sentences micro blog marketing how

has been the most widely spread fast, very high degree of concern. For example, micro-blog can boom is a wave pushed a wave, Zhen Huan body may have been forgotten, Fang Yuan has been bullying Gao Xiaosong and hide. A high wall, wide grain, bullying caused bullying body. Xiao Bian has search Zhen Huan body Sina micro-blog 1966194 micro-blog, 574 micro-blog Lisao body, Book of Songs body 18549 related micro-blog, Taobao style 739899 related micro-blog, Fang Yuan 45476 related micro-blog, bullying body 327699 related to micro-blog, from 17 to today 2 days related to bullying. The number of micro-blog is worth Zhen Huan body and Taobao style and Yuan Fang body. Why play rascal body so popular? Micro-blog marketing we have known but like bullying like popular, like Fang Yuan as lead to a public opinion by resonance, "Yuan Fang" questions of all sorts of "rather baffling" doubts, because of this we accept his identity. Micro-blog marketing how to start to make the majority of Internet users and resonate with

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business marketing and individual micro-blog marketing purpose is the audience with you, let you experience the fun of participation, make their own brand effect, achieve the purpose of public relations. Micro-blog enterprise marketing in addition to the use of micro-blog’s commercial version, set the micro-blog customer service, micro-blog Corporation, micro-blog products, micro-blog brands also need to do the activities of micro-blog, micro-blog promotion, micro-blog content operation. Besides this is also the reflection of a body with the help of these micro-blog, whether the launch of some effective measures to allow users to participate in activities, really can give users free.


can trigger a variety of micro-blog, the reason is to let netizens resonate self creation and willing to forward lead. As The Legend of Zhen Huan hit, because the lines in "antique" poetry charm is everyone living in micro-blog on the thing. For describing things full of delight Zhen Huan body derived from many versions, let a person feel funny, laugh smile easily release pressure. Taobao style because of the use of lovely, was used as the admission letter, the recruitment of personnel, the Ministry of foreign affairs publicity, publicity of traffic police. Fang Yuan because you can ask questions about "Yuan Fang", ask for all sorts of doubts, to release all depressed all depressed so won the sympathy of Internet users. Bullying because of poems and sentences in the series that we have a poetry addiction, playing a rogue, so we are awfully.

every micro-blog birth can make users obsessed with them, as a pleasurable occupation. Or be humorous attracted or can express complaints by, or by bullying and playing a rogue and busy Poetry Series and affects, because we can be entertained, to play a talent, to express the feelings, so the micro-blog body is so prosperous, so popular and welcome. Micro-blog marketing should do to make the user experience to participate in Internet addiction,

is a kind of enjoyment?Micro-blog Micro-blog

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