The new optimization how to solve the quality problems of content

5, can not solve the needs of users: users search by keywords to see the title in, but the content of the page can not solve the problems and needs of the user search;

6, the homogenization of content: although it is original, but the meaning of the expression of a large number of already exist on the Internet, no new demand expansion;



4, advertising content can not be too much, much will affect the user’s normal reading.

?The new

4, stereotyped contents: direct reprint and collection content, love Shanghai has included a large number of similar articles, what is included in your

How to judge the quality of the content of Shanghai

so what kind of content is low quality content:

2 does not conform to the user experience page: basic experience is not good, prevent users from reading pages;

1, title and description to be precise selection: the user in the search engine search is to see the title and description will click into the wonderful, original article, cannot attract users in no use;

how to solve the high quality of the content of

2, complete, guided navigation: we all know the importance of home page navigation, also emphasized the importance of bread crumbs navigation.


manufacturing high quality content is to include, in order to allow users to stay, drainage and get a ranking, then we must first understand the love of Shanghai included mechanism. Love Shanghai is to determine whether the original database according to the collected data, the content of the page with the randomly selected database has been included for comparison, repetition is pseudo original or collection content, if completely different, and the station will subject with strong correlation with priority principles, after ranking in the judgment based on user behavior so, no long-term click or high bounce rate is judged as spam cancel ranking.

any website is the content in the station security station, based at the same time, through the chain can speed up the role of the ranking. It can be said that in the quality problem is the priority among priorities, so how to solve the quality problems in? First tell you a word: do not have the original demand, high quality content must not original but there must be a demand.

6, in line with the user’s reading habits, content essence, not complicated, do not use too much of the content of the modification of no great importance.

3 can not meet the needs of the user: the user search page or see the title in, but can not resolve the substantive wide of the mark, the user’s problem;

5, creative writing solve users are most concerned about the content of the

3, a good page layout, convenient for users to find good page layout helps users to read, is convenient for users to find what you want, it can reduce the rate of jump out.

1, page neat: the statement is not fluent, the paragraph is not clear;

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