The small and medium sized enterprise own optimization is really good

this may not be a network company mistake, however, to the enterprise, is absolutely the drawbacks, because the long tail word and a large number of marketing keywords have not been reflected, and the sites only focus on the 1-2 core keywords, a year later, the money spent thousands of 4,5, but the effect is not good, it is. Many customers are not interested in it next year, so here chubby suggested the enterprise selection method and core keywords with some long tail keywords, the effect is also good.

if the customer is not overdue payment, many companies for enterprise web site optimization ranking will be ignored, or, in the first half of the year will expire is ignored, and the website optimization is a careful and patience, and for the enterprise website influence is very big, but after the customer does not renew ranking plummeted, it is easy to cause loss, therefore, if the enterprise to do long-term, may have their own maintenance personnel.

we can see some problems existing in the website optimization company:

3. website optimization company overdue no matter.

the maintenance personnel must be familiar with the industry, because only familiar with the industry, to create a reasonable and effective way to add some articles, tips, highlight the theme of the site, in order to retain customers, and if the enterprise has more than one site, it is necessary to establish a team can optimize the benefits of training you can view the enterprise do website optimization in training more money.

4. professional maintenance to maintain better ranking.

for some super popular words, such as "wedding" and "travel" and other popular words, many companies offer a price optimization unexpectedly, but after receiving the money, but can not reach the expected ranking in 1-2 months, with some black hat or cheating methods, hope to promote ranking, but in the short term in the rankings, not a refund, but once the love of Shanghai big update, site is down right or pull hair are the norm, and the final or the loss of customers, although some companies to return the money, so if you are a hot industry, may wish to start a monthly payment.


1. website optimization just single words, regardless of other words.

finally, hope that more and more small and medium-sized enterprises can pay attention to the network marketing, pay attention to the long-term development of the website, because it is a wealth of business.

for the small and medium enterprises, especially the real businesses, want to do the sales of the products through the network marketing, is a very important thing, and small website optimization company, is playing out most of the advertising, commitment for many days, what word to love Shanghai home, never do website optimization then what are the drawbacks, and many small and medium-sized enterprises on the moon today when, chubby just want to say a word, the small and medium-sized enterprise own optimization is really good.

2. website optimization, there are cheating.

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