Website optimization is not imitation and plagiarism success is analysis on

1, which comes from the analysis of user search engine, if it is love Shanghai search engine, then the second step analysis, analysis of user search which keywords or long tail word.

Why is

based data analysis website, especially focuses on the bounce rate of

tells the story of a website without a good user content of the site will bounce rate is too high, and this point will be about even with the site to meet the needs of users, will bounce rate is high, and the basic data of this site and is closely related to. We all know that the current movie website, website, literature and so on novel types of Web sites, most sites are living by pop-up ads, pop-up ads and the user experience will cause a great impact.

Chinese are often the teacher on the podium, the students in the audience to take notes, to be honest this is typical of imitation and plagiarism, students will learn the knowledge in the head teacher came, and can have much innovation? In Shanghai Longfeng this road, imitation and copying blindly website optimization has become taboo, now many websites because of plagiarism and search engine drop right, in the face of this situation, we summed up the truth: winning ways of website optimization or analysis.


in the first point to analyze the bounce rate? Because the conversion rate and the rate of out site are closely related, can be said to jump out of the rate of high and low and the income of the website directly, a web site that the user does not jump out of the high rate of friendly website, can also be said that the website user experience is not enough high priority among priorities, this is what we are going to analyze, if your website is the case, then we must start from the following methods:

The old education mode of

3, after entering the direct thought of himself as the user search keywords, and then analyze their website content to meet user needs

4, if you have found your web site construction is too poor, did not meet the needs of users, so I this is your website jump out rate of the root causes, and the large number of sites are so, website keywords, but no content, which makes users too much to handle, only waved. The problem of high bounce rate also rising up.

based data analysis website, or see the user jump out rate of

2, find the keywords and long tail word search after the webmaster to enter keywords in the search engines love Shanghai, then find your own website click to enter.

analysis of the word has appeared in the webmaster thinking, but how to analyze, how to analyze is the analysis has become a stumbling block to analyze many webmaster, today I to teach is not to learn how to analyze site owners into their own direction, let the webmaster brothers can in this way for website optimization a good income, the following specific talk.


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