The website of Shanghai Longfeng avoid excessive optimization of the article and the chain

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, the quality of the chain. The appeal of the website, the website hits, the website user experience these will be reflected. The quality requirements of the original, the content of the novel, knowledge points clear, strong ability of


I was saying is not the best Shanghai, Shanghai dragon, the appropriate articles within the chain, and the chain can make your site for good optimization, don’t add links in the article, add a keyword far fetched. The search engine can also tell this sentence is not smooth, don’t put the search engine to silly, this is wrong, the search engine is constantly improved, to better serve the public, so that people get the most wanted page in the shortest time. We do well the quality, to the quality of the chain, what are appropriate to the law, and is the best Shanghai dragon

everyone desperately to do the chain website, every day or even do 100, I think the love Shanghai search engine algorithm has been continuously improved, some from before the case can be seen, love Shanghai more love website article quality is high, the optimization of the simple website, your website do not even say optimization on your site will be a better ranking, of course do optimization is very necessary, I mean now do optimization, not to rely on quantity, quality is more important.

!The chain

so when love Shanghai search engine spiders to judge the quality of your site outside the chain is not high, and links to some of the rubbish site or is not related to your industry, then you will have love Shanghai search engine punishment, the light of your home page to lower ranking, heavy still can let you website included snapshot greatly disappear.

site I personally think is not too much, do 10 effective outside chain every day can, even if it is the anchor text links are possible, anchor text links love Shanghai spiders can also climb through the links to your website URL of your website is also good. The chain keywords, links to related web site keywords with your website to do, avoid to some not related with your website forum, Post Bar post left standing outside of your chain, I think it will lead to the search engine to your web site right down, the search engine spiders as users browse the web users. To see where the love Shanghai search engine spiders can also identify.

we do a website is not easy, not because of anxious, constantly optimize their websites, maybe your website ranking is up, but to the late love spiders in Shanghai will also find your website content is how much value. You will ask, love Shanghai is how to find my website worthless? So it’s quite simple, users and users to your site clicks, have your website’s related data collection, will come to your website has much value, and know that your site is cheating.

The quality of

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