Website optimization to learn empathy to get high quality flow

therefore, Shanghai is not only the optimization strategy of dragon and Phoenix every day staring at the keywords ranking and flow, follow the prescribed order release site content and exotic, simple check website background statistics. Website optimization to solve every day, afraid of Shanghai come to a standstill, algorithm changes lead to the drop site or drop right, which leads to the loss of jobs, you need to inject marketing ideas in the process of optimization, marketing to occupy the dominant position, the optimization is technically the auxiliary guiding role.

many forums, QQ group, YY courses are discussed in Shanghai Longfeng changes of direction and Optimization in the future focus, constantly exploring new skills to adapt to the new rules, we become more aware of the Shanghai dragon in order to adapt to the development of the society, we must learn empathy good user experience, only let customers recognize and trust our brand is a permanent solution to the development of enterprises. A few days ago to have a webmaster A5 resolution on the search keywords "Webmaster Tools" love station cause super net to the webmaster helper nets, is that love station network has its own characteristics of the service, timely help the user to provide the help they need in the course of time, forming a huge brand influence in the industry, bring light brand word the traffic is quite impressive.

often do some sales staff all know, in order to obtain customer acceptance and quick sign, not only need to introduce the product characteristics and the use of the advantages of the peer, to stand in the position of the user to bring the practical help for its. A good product function, propaganda in place, if you do not allow users to recognize the benefit, I am afraid it is difficult to get to the market. Website optimization is the same, if only from the keywords degree of difficulty, site traffic, daily PV and IP, which locates in the same position in the other, only the optimization work you might do website, but not necessarily the optimal pursuit of the enterprise.

many webmaster used to do keywords ranking, improve website weight and flow, but neglected a basic fact is that most enterprise website is for the purpose of profit. Perhaps a place can bring good traffic to the site, bring considerable performance.

in a result oriented society, create economic benefits in order to prove everything to you, or you even in the effort I am afraid it is difficult to be recognized by the society, not to mention the expectation to improve their standard of living by Shanghai dragon. Than to choose, only the correct selection of the direction of optimization, in order to create more value to the enterprise. Often see some Shanghai dragon to tell their own hard work experience, in addition to our feeling was to give moral support, more need to find problems in the. Shanghai dragon industry from last year after the love Shanghai 6.28 update, launched several times and then the update algorithm, let the webmaster really realize for the first time that work more difficult to do. Therefore, we cannot blame the love of Shanghai is more cruel, the development needs of the times, an industry from birth to grow, there will always be accompanied by the corresponding rules and change, the key is the webmaster want to learn to keep pace with the times.

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