What about a competitor’s site worth analysis how to analyze

second: This is the website structure, to see if know website optimization, if know, so structure must be very reasonable, if not, the search engine that we practice in cheating, then we will be appropriate adjustments, and the contrast is the open source cms and the independent development of the website, also able to explain some problems, one must have an advantage, we found that improved on the line.

: our first major search keywords, to see what the website ranking is up, here not say they are using what method, I want to do every day to go back to Shanghai dragon may observe your website, then keywords to the other peer website ranking also is needless to say, yes, we have they find out, I do not know the other peer website optimization is to observe how, in the first three pages of my basic station I could know them the day before about what position, at least the first two pages I can remember very clearly, if there is in the first page, I have the impression that by the way, before we count them in what position, so in the next step. Know the horse, then analysis them, we should find the ranking decline in the station, this is very valuable, if the two contrast, the results can be set.

Hello, I am Harbin actual web design, see some posts on the Internet recently, many sites have found a lot of volatility, my website is no exception, this time is to learn to analyze them, but how to analyze why his rankings, why my ranking dropped, they should know, only solution however, not all websites analysis, to find out several typical, so how to find what I want to say today.

in the process of looking for is very learned, directly affect the structure of our analysis, so I have been looking for this.

third: the keyword density and anchor text, this is very important, a lot of time on this issue is the problem, then we will.

: the first under the first snapshot, this is obvious, if the snapshot is up-to-date, or are the old, this is to say, if there is, it shows that this and never mind, if the old snapshot of the row in front, it is needless to say, we then analyze the algorithm in adjustment. OK, you want the rest of the direction of development, so it is similarly is the latest reason. There is not unified snapshot, this is sometimes a problem reaction to our website, the impact on the ranking is the most direct, but absolutely can explain the problem.

: it has to find the second analysis website, the following is how to analyze, I generally divided into so few places, such as snapshot, site structure, keyword density, the anchor point, the chain and PR, and the promotion of the key is used to illustrate this, through the above analysis, can get out.

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