The three stick is a harbinger of love Shanghai update next focus

27 in the morning, I found that love Shanghai update and the emergence of new changes, we can see that in Shanghai there are a lot of love love home in Shanghai Post Bar Triple Paste, as shown below,

from the Shanghai love changes we can see, Post Bar is undoubtedly love Shanghai update next focus. The update changes love Shanghai in the future, we can Post Bar for promotion to do a detailed promotion plan. Therefore, how to do Post Bar become owners need to consider first. Wuhan Yao Jie Technology Co. Ltd. with years of experience Post Bar promotion, we summarize some of the following:

first associated with their industry Post Bar collected a number of posts, the theme of investigation number, daily amount of post, and data analysis, so that we can grasp and the top post time and frequency.


around the promotion of content for the topic, especially the most important topic of the title. Because a lot of popular Post Bar post and reply the frequency is very high, not for a moment you have to go to the next page. How to see your posts in a thread, a post title is very important.

believe that many webmaster all know, although it is also one of the Post Bar love love Shanghai sea’s products, but compared to the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, love love Shanghai know, Shanghai library, Shanghai Post Bar love can be said to have been active in the love of Shanghai 2, 3 pages. Certainly there are a lot of people have done Post Bar promotion, but due to the Post Bar update speed is very fast, the best effect may only appear in the new information or love Shanghai’s 2,3 page, and this effect is usually very difficult to do is hard to maintain, not only need to rely on a large number of post, at the same time the content of the post also have certain requirements, which led to a lot of people on the Post Bar promotion prohibitive.

with the author’s observation, this change is in the update has been extended, which illustrates that this change is love Shanghai a new revolution, this change love Shanghai update for webmasters, web site to determine the optimization direction of the next step is to have the important meaning.

1 for the industry Post Bar.

love Shanghai Post Bar is actually a lot of forum, forum to promote the.


2, edit posts


but from the figure we can see that the love of Shanghai Post Bar is the fourth row in the home page, and three posts at the same time, this phenomenon is very alarming, does this mean that love is love Shanghai Shanghai Post Bar next focus? The answer is not known.

promotion skills

3, ID registered

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