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, director of China consulting firm GFK, Germany

in the past few years, Intel has been committed to the business restructuring, including networking, data center, games, car networking and UAV, now in the business revenue and profit have accounted for about half of the overall business. These emerging business growth has greatly exceeded the traditional PC business. Intel CEO division odd BrianKrzanich in the first quarter earnings release, had expected that this part of the business revenue this year will be two digit growth, the scale of about $30 billion.

: Intel has become a data company." This is the world’s largest chip producer Intel sent the key information to the outside world. Although China is not a big country of oil, but if the data is compared to the future of oil, then China must be the largest country in the data." Intel global vice president and President of China Yang Xu said. By 2020, he predicts, China’s total data will reach 8000EB.

, and as the device intelligent and intelligent interconnection, the data stream is surging. A driverless car will produce data every day up to 4TB, a smart factory will generate 1PB data per day 1PB=1024TB, and a cloud video service provider will have 750PB data every day.

China currently has more than 1 billion mobile Internet users, with a total of 290 million vehicles, and the annual passenger volume of railways, civil aviation and highways reached 19 billion 400 million passengers. "These will contribute huge amounts of data." Yang Xu said, "at present, some domestic industries, the data generated per day is alarming."."

Yang Xu said, Intel has been in the field of chip, 5G and artificial intelligence to cooperate with Chinese enterprises, including the company and the group’s purple Spreadtrum chip manufacturers cooperation in wireless communication and mobile phone chip; in cooperation with the Tsinghua University developed digital chip field; at the same time with China Mobile and other telecom operators and Telecom in terms of 5G equipment enterprises in-depth cooperation.

he pointed out that Intel’s model is to establish an industrial chain, ecological chain, and make the entire ecological chain, industrial chain common innovation and development. At the same time, try to produce more valuable data in the era of intelligent Internet, through the intelligent equipment, and then realize value-added, and promote the development and transformation of the real economy.

held in May 18th in the first financial technology and Innovation Conference: "the end of the use of Intel strategy in the field of data, from data acquisition, and capture front-end computing to data transmission, analysis and data mining, finally realize the value." He also said that Intel hopes to cooperate with China in eight areas of artificial intelligence, unmanned driving, 5G, virtual reality, Chinese manufacturing, 2025, precision medical, sports, robotics and so on.

Yang Xu pointed out that the


mumayi was two years ago, his real name is Yang Bo, a 22 year old boy in Jiangsu Changzhou is one of the most outstanding representative of the Internet personal webmaster.

know mumayi is on a winter night two years ago, I saw a person for space in the post K66 forum, said more than 2000 people registered the new forum every day, more than 10000 day post space, can not afford the huge traffic, need server sponsorship.

out of curiosity, I went to our website, at that time I was petrified when I was on the Internet, 5, 6 years, have not seen a scary forum registration and posting speed, you can simply use two words to describe the crazy.

each refresh the page will increase the number of newly licensed users, increase the number of new posts, the number of more than 2000 people online forum. After an hour of observation, I was able to sign up for more than 100 new members. Postings increased by more than 700 in one hour.

is in constant when the case of mumayi Forum his forum called China crack alliance. Within a week of more than 14000 registered members. Posting tens of thousands of Posts every day.

I and mumayi exchange several times, but didn’t know his forum, also called mumayi network TV software, this software registered users about 700000. No wonder he has such thriving popularity and many followers.When the

users in the eyes of the mumayi is another honor, although he has about 700000 network television registered users, always adhere to the principle of free, so the poor can not afford even the server. Mumayi said: a person’s good reputation is more important than money.

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