Webmaster friends how to find their own advertising allianceAnalysis of the operation strategy of Ta

is the station group, so each site must correspond to a product category, if we have small stations, according to the class of Taobao points, if the station group has nearly 1000, then we can use a small class of Taobao points, and the keyword of the website is in accordance with the classification category name then, in the light of these Taobao keywords to find content, so it is basically the Taobao customer set up


it summit held 2011 annual figures, Ma and Robin Li and other giants gathered on the Internet trend, which makes many Taobao customers for sh419 Taobao customers whether the ban is full of expectations, of course Taobao customer promotion is not limited to sh419, also can achieve success through other marketing methods, but a sh419 this way of promotion, more confident that Taobao will run off, so now Taobao customers to be successful, can only through the Taobao customer industry refers to the way

With the

3, their own identification, see whether the League formal and reliable.

single passenger living space now is very small, most of the passengers are some moist Taobao portals, web site navigation or other large sites, for most individual Taobao customers are out, so now Taobao guest competition is not so fierce, in fact, this is the appearance of individual customers now, Taobao still have development space! Just individual combat has OUT, can only form a group of ways of operation, also is the Taobao custom made industry, such as we do all kinds of small classification, the formation of a station group to operate Taobao customers, it can be obtained to survive in the cracks of large web sites! Then we should be how to operate Taobao group


1: basic funding and technology,

1, ask word of mouth, consultation has done the alliance webmaster friends.

as for the advertising alliance is a good alliance, whether good money, but also depends on the evaluation of the majority of the webmaster.

Since !Taobao

webmaster news list www.admin5/top

4, on the advertising alliance web site Daquan, see Adsense recommended alliance, of course, should also pay attention to, some advertising.

Taobao guest website should be careful not to place under the same IP. If the following 200 stations, there will be a IP of a website, if more than 200, then a IP put three to four sites is appropriate, but between the three to four websites can not have links, then the Internet in each site, be careful not to the station can be connected, but through bridging related content to link, so do the natural link, then a lot of the acquisition of Taobao’s content, nature.

2, search, "League name + cheat" or "union name + garbage", if the negative news is a lot, be careful.

three: station should pay attention to prevent search engine according to the rule is the Standing Group

advertising Union common hundreds, many domestic and foreign is, for inexperienced novice, choose alliance is a very headache thing. Before joining the alliance, we must fully investigate, so as not to waste resources and energy, and finally drop a hard work.


recommends several techniques for choosing an advertising League today.

two: if the product is classified,

to the Taobao passenger service, first of all to invest in VPS and many have a fixed IP address of the virtual host, but also to buy a considerable number of domain names, the promotion personnel is to spend money to hire, but the content of the construction is relatively easier, because sh419 for Taobao on the basic content of the mountain for screened, we collected data on Taobao, basically can be sh419 that is original content, so relative to other stations or have certain advantages in the content of the construction of

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