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1 mailbox – basically each project station is registered when you need to use for activating accounts, etc., it is best to choose one of your commonly used mailbox, management is also convenient.

know Wangzhuan after you before you start to do the project, you should have the following equipment:

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source text address: wulong.any2000/web/viewarticle.asp; userid=1039938& lanmuid=7179879& contentID=1519366

URL: icbc.cn/icbc/

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      first, we established the service interface and return mode to the website software and other website alliance can cooperation in it, we don’t think that between each website alliance is a competitive relationship, we hope that with the downstream channel or upstream to advertisers advertising cooperation way down. For example, in addition to our direct cooperation with website software, we can also do the same with other alliances in channels or products, so that both resources can be fully utilized.

      what is the cause of the above problem? 265, Zhang Zhiqiang, vice president of the website believes that the lack of professional network marketing platform of the expansion and prosperity. Next to discuss with you, if it is a professional network alliance platform, should have the following aspects worth our discussion and try.

4> Alertpay network bank, all English foreign Wangzhuan interface, usually use it to.

URL: https://s.alipay/

2 web site optional, depending on personal circumstances. Some ads require web sites.

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      second, we take four years of operational experience accumulated website of a large data center, I mentioned a lot without too much accumulation of website alliance, in fact there is no way to various products for precise analysis of the data, experience accumulation and website alliance keep a large number of valuable data in the delivery of various products, we give some examples of the launch and click on the conversion rate and so on, for example what type of website, which positions which website page, on what types of products will get what the expected results. I think these things are in the long-term accumulation of data in the website alliance, there is a good put the bottom line. At the same time, these data analysis will also provide scientific guidance for the web site, and can help them to get the maximum profit under the existing resources and traffic.

3 Internet Banking – for collection purposes, commonly used online banking has the following:

3> Paypal network bank, Chinese comprehensive support now, foreign Wangzhuan usually use it to.

      in addition, the current market actually is the existence of a large number of operational workshops to two products website alliance, this website alliance since the establishment of a short time, no accumulation of rich data and operational experience, it is difficult to accurately analysis and to dig the delivery channels the advertisers and web sites to make difficult to maximize the interests of both sides.

      all of the sites are facing the alliance from first to last such a worry, most Web Alliance are simple traffic reselling or no in-depth analysis, processing and simple advertising, so this kind of website alliance can hardly long-term and sustained development.

1> a bank card online banking functions, recommend employment line, online employment line more, Alipay also use the real name authentication,

      third, in addition to the data under the premise for guidance, we think we should have the core technology and service website alliance of their own, for example, advertisers in the running time, in content matching, user behavior analysis, keyword matching and lower than the industry.

URL: paypal

URL: alertpay/

2> Alipay, basically domestic Wangzhuan is using it to the collection, fill in the information must be true, real name authentication finally, all Chinese operation is very simple.

relevant information and charging rules

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