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was a friend of my landing website registered to tell me when I ordered an advertising site poisoning inadvertently! Tell me what is the point of advertising, I do not believe, so oneself to the point, and the point after the 360 security guards on the tip: the page contains Trojans and malicious scripts, harm computer security! See Figure 2 "

positive luoti

different points: one is based on the luoti diagram, one is to look at the action based, luoti body chart as a supplement. Female body very positive luoti this thing is not logical, I think for a long time or not figured out why beauty is not ugly. And look at the female positive luoti body chart, that’s easy to figure out. He’s just looking at what the luoti map is.

saw an advertisement in stationmaster net on cnzz yesterday, I joined this site to zzzlink/ did not see a two points is negative! So they try to get points, they saw an advertisement for as long as they do link will get 50 points, and then do the connection, see! "Figure 1"


luoti and at the very front of female body female body figure luoti positive and what is different from common? This is our primary school is often a question to do? We start from different points.

at that time, I basically do not understand SEO, and I do not know how to find high search, low competition keywords. I only focus on one core, that is, focus on a few of the top search, low competition, keyword home pages, and then find other keywords from these sites. The principle is that when you find a good friend, you just need to find a good friend and ask them to introduce you to other friends. Keyword search is the same, you just need to find a good keywords, and then search the keyword, find the site, and then try to find more keywords.

tracing >


, 17:59:49

, yours, ID, which station are you calling,


at daybreak

fish on the Jialing River 17:59:18


then shut up! Then they submit system background landing problem but did not reply for a long time, this is the time to tell them, they added a customer service number 23325389 named dawn! He told me that he’s good, I have a problem! It is confused, I one day access into thousands of sites, 360 never didn’t remind me, this is the first time! He said what you find 1000 people visit to see whether it will suggest that this is not funny, I went to look for that many people go to visit his garbage site, said this is not for him to do good things? Oh! Then I said forget it, when I say no! This time after a while landing the account he actually found my account to freeze, but put my into the blacklist! See below 3

luoti and at the very front of female body female body figure

is very strange, of course, so the ranking in the first page of the website is some web pages, and no one dedicated to do a web site, with home page to optimize the tens of thousands of IP flow keywords. At that time, I found that a website’s internal page ranking super good, and his web site is very strange. I can’t read the article. The article reads as follows:

we look at such a garbage in this way! Before I did not delete their advertising code, nor in the station to delete their connection! What this shows that he was guilty of it or what! Here also put me with his chat again! You see

a keyword in the sh419 home page ranking, are regular changes, especially for some edge ball keywords, sh419 won’t let the same site long-term good rankings. This ranking in the first page of the site, often different sites, every time out of a new site, I will study this site, why will have a good ranking?. At that time, there was no concept of SEO, nor did the title, description, keywords, web page opening speed and website weight influence the ranking.

douge11 ID

Name: 1000mov URL: 1000mov/

began to not understand, he wrote something, so rubbish articles can also have a good ranking. At that time also understand some SEO knowledge, know this is called original, but I don’t know why this original ranking is good. In particular, to consult a SEO master, the master said that the layout of the keywords well. "Why?" so I followed him to write it

the same point: are eight words luoti Related words! All included luoti body figure, are lady-killer favorite, all women do not want to let others see the side of the luoti, but women have to face to face of Tutu. Something interesting. A female luoti positive body Tu said this.


fish on the Jialing River 17:59:55

fish on the Jialing River 18:00:22


I complained about a website, please administrator in time to deal with, or really a lot of friends are K! I’m not in order to want extra points, but very angry about such a dumpster,

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