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Chinese soon appeared similar sites, such as zbcms.cn, according to the home page displays also sold several million yuan up to this day. Although it has not been sold all, it has also achieved considerable success. This shows that, to some extent, such models can be imitated. This is a web site with no technical content, and too many people will inevitably lead to excess. This is a bold experiment of products, from a long-term perspective, it is not a sustainable profit model, is similar to a community or to provide information service website, but a one-time sale.

a good Wangzhuan creativity can bring you great wealth, do Wangzhuan people remember your mind must value. We all know that millions of lattice sites, it is because the webmaster of creativity, let him get millions of wealth, let us do Wangzhuan the people to reflect on. Here’s a million bit website profit model

never fire to the full swing, the new three board only after a "expansion" of the watershed. January 24, 2014, the new three board market ushered in large expansion, 266 companies listed on the same day in the SME share transfer system listed publicly. In January 2014, before the expansion of the new three board, the entire market only 355 listed companies, the market value is only about 40 billion yuan.

literally, most of the debate about the new third board will involve liquidity problems. Liquidity for the importance of capital markets need not be denied, for the current three new board liquidity is insufficient in the end, there are two different views on the market.


controversy 1: insufficient liquidity,

building the site was negligible, but it harvested $1 million. The high rate of return on its investment is breathtaking. It explains a miracle that the Internet contains. As Nike’s advertisement says, anything is possible. Its essence is advertising, but it captures a need to promote organizations and individuals that need to be promoted on the web at a very low price. When he sold $1000, he began to write press releases, drawing media attention. With the improvement of popularity, more and more orders. Finally, the actual reservation exceeded the available grid, and the site founder had to take the grid to eBay for auction.

The cost of

at the same time, after the expansion of the new third board market financing function also quickly play out. 2013~2015, the new three board market financing amounted to 1 billion 2 million yuan, 13 billion 209 million yuan and 121 billion 617 million yuan.

Compared with the expansion in 2013 and 2015 after the expansion of

to this day, the new three board still has some problems that have attracted much attention from all parties in the market, and after a long debate, there is still no clear conclusion. "Daily economic news" for you to screen the most attention of the ten controversial issues.

it appears to have to tell us the Internet is a miracle industry, not for us to imitate such a website, it opened up Wangzhuan our thoughts, tell us these Wangzhuan friends, more creative, create more wonderful experience, more rich world. And thus bring more wealth.

accompanied by expansion, the new three board seems to incarnate a huge sponge, attracted a large number of small and medium enterprises competing listing. In the open expansion after the second years to 2015, the number of listed companies has exceeded 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000 integer points, from 2000 to 5000 spent only 10 months! In 2015, the number of three new board market daily listing of nearly 10 companies.

, it can be found that the number of investors involved in the new third board market has risen rapidly. In 2013, more than 8500 investors were involved, and by the end of 2015, institutional investors and individual investors in the new third board market had reached 22 thousand and 700 and 198 thousand and 600 respectively, with a total of over 220 thousand.

is composed of a young student Alex · map is founded on its website home page is divided into 10 thousand lattice, each lattice price is $100, the buyer can put anything freely in their purchase of grid, including personal website LOGO, specially designed picture links, advertising and even personal name etc.. In just a few months, all the bars were sold out, and at last they earned $1 million for the founder.

from January 24, 2014 to date May 2, 2016 830 days, the new three board market listed enterprises have rapidly approaching 7000, 2800 higher than the CSI two cities 1.46 times, far beyond the motherboard market.

Abstract: after the expansion, the financing function of the new third board market has been rapidly developed. 2013~2015, the new three board market financing amounted to 1 billion 2 million yuan, 13 billion 209 million yuan and 121 billion 617 million yuan. If the motherboard compared to mature, robust middle-aged, the new board is still a child.

if the motherboard compared to mature, robust middle-aged, the new board is still a child. Three new board two years of expansion of the survival of the state, you can use "barbaric growth" four words to describe.

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