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online advertising has always been a major part of revenue from major web sites, and for bloggers, placing some online advertising on their blogs is also one of the simplest ways to make money.

blog basic for personal possession, which is unlikely to have manufacturers take the initiative to come to discuss advertising, so the domestic blog is the basic choice of advertising to get online advertising, common are mainly shlf1314, Adsense, sh419, Ali mother alliance achievement net. Most of these ad applications are simpler and less demanding and suitable for all types of blogs. But need to remind, if you choose hanging network advertisement in the blog, best buy domain names open their own control of the blog, but do not use such as the two level domain name blog Sina, NetEase provides, because a lot of advertising alliance will refuse two level domain name application.

so, more and more international students

as for the form of advertising, general CPM Cost Per Thousand Impressions per thousand impressions, CPC Cost Per paid Click pay per click Cost and CPA Per Action according to the execution effect of payment, bloggers can choose different types of network advertisement according to the actual situation of their own blog. Generally, CPM has the lowest price and the CPA price is the highest, but the difficulty is the biggest. If the blog is an English blog and mainly faces foreign users, >

purchasing is one word: buy. At any time to buy, buy, buy, the night queuing personally launched a friend to buy, go to the store to buy, go to the convenience store to buy, go to the drugstore to buy to buy, discount, do not discount to buy, sell to buy, the more limited to buy, brand to buy, not brand to buy, buy explosion buy buy buy daily, small, light luxury…… Therefore, based on this form, engaged in purchasing the main crowd is relatively free time students.

regular method one: advertising

because of the Internet for a long time, but also compare love to try new kinds of network applications, so when the blog concept was introduced into China, soon in a blogging service website set up their own blog. But it was just fun, not really making money associated with blogs, and then because of working relationships, it gradually gave up blogging on several websites.

editor’s note in the huge figure of cross-border electricity supplier, hidden a "grassroots" world, this circle is known as "overseas purchasing."". Only a short while ago, accompanied by studying the tide rise of purchasing army, seems to have been living in tariff policy and postal system "gray area", but in such a period, the industry development is so rapid, even seriously affect the tariff revenue. The cross-border electricity supplier turned out, "grassroots" have also experienced a big test, have transformation, the pursuit of "butterfly".

overseas students use their spare time to buy overseas goods through various channels and send them to domestic buyers. Its main "marketing" is based on word-of-mouth propaganda from friends and relatives circles. With some folk word of mouth, do not often occur in traditional import trade links in the brand, gradually known. And that’s how the market came into being.

The most popular form of

purchasing is to live in a foreign country, to buy foreign things, sold to domestic people. In recent years, along with the upsurge of studying abroad, this is not the industry, "industry" is also quietly born, and more and more dynamic. In July, the state power grid issued an article entitled "the depth of research overseas purchasing: baby heart bitter but must say" article, citing a set of data given the Australian TV shows: global purchasing market size of about 15 billion Australian dollars about about 75000000000 yuan, the number of engaged in purchasing in Australia and around the local 200 thousand, the majority of Chinese purchasing.

started blogging again at the beginning of 2008 because of the lack of time. Because of this from the beginning to clear through the blog to make money, so do relatively well prepared, including the purchase of independent domain name, independent space, because it can make your blog more formal way to make money, and can get more opportunities to make money. After all, money blogging is about Many a little make a mickle. every long, even if the income is not somewhere, but a year down the comprehensive digital cannot be neglected, a famous foreign blog even can reach a monthly income of over million dollars, more well-known blog by buying.

make money through the blog, the meteor sky summary there are five kinds of methods, including conventional methods all three bloggers can use the method, a few people can use, more a kind of ultimate method can use only a few talents. But either way, bloggers are required to be persistent, persistent, down-to-earth and conscientious.

purchasing 1: "retail era" happy foreign students

education online education and preferably jointly issued the "2015 overseas development survey report" shows that the destination for the top ten countries the United States and Australia in German law Jiaerixi, there are six countries China students accounted for the first, China has become the world’s largest exporter of students.

According to the

"at the age of five, father Joe sent abroad colleagues from Japan bought a Konica camera. It was said that the customs should be carefully packed in the large dust coat, so that they could have a chance to bring it back." Students Xiao Li to the billion state power network says. At present, Li has been in Japan for many years, and their daily expenses do purchasing in their spare time. According to Li introduction, the Japanese purchasing hot products are mainly milk powder, diapers, cosmetics and so on.

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