Guangdong business Ding Lei about the history of Entrepreneurship less is more NetEaseWhen the 7 day

in 1995, Ding Lei came to Guangzhou alone with his luggage. He was a poor student who had been a college graduate for only two years.

dressed in jeans, T-shirt and Ding Lei, let the scene stir up hundreds of entrepreneurs. This from Zhejiang’s Department of computer science students, 10 years after the all-powerful today has become the Internet leader, it is representative of a new generation of guangdong.


online money making, selling properly is the key

guest promotion mode is very simple. Each guest promotion a product will be the only promotion code similar to the URL, click on the link to enter the code as long as the guests to shop, and the actual purchase of goods, Amoy registered bank account can be paid by the seller of the commission. It is understood that the Commission is generally 5% to 30% of the commodity price.

in the first month when the guest, spring Ying monthly income reached 5000 yuan. "This job is not too tired, as long as there is time to access the Internet, and know how to marketing strategy, is a good way to part-time."." She tasted the sweetness of the Spring Festival, seven days although the holiday must find time to surf the Internet, recommended products, once sold her registered bank account will be more rebate". Spring festival seven days, although the daily Internet access time is not more than 4 hours, still brought her more than 2800 yuan of income.

in 1998, venture capitalists who wanted to invest in NetEase lined up at the door of Ding Lei’s office. Third years since the NetEase was founded, it officially landed on nasdaq. "Maybe listed for many of today’s people is the most important goal in life, but frankly speaking, the listing is the greatest challenge for me, I go to the city in disorderly fashion." Ding Lei recalls it.

even partIn

this is the scene in January 15, 2012 held the first "Guangdong Elite Award Ceremony".

threshold is low for the herd

she takes advantage of every opportunity to help others promote goods, according to the Raiders to the major forums to post, promotion products. Because of the open shop experience, understand the customer’s psychology is Chun Ying, her trick is according to the characteristics of home products shop, in all relevant forums, authoritative secondary pick popular post replies, the best way to promote their own is also involved in this debate, and then added a product on their own reply to the shop. Because recommended properly, her success rate is very high, she successfully recommended transaction, her rebate rate about 10% on average.

over the new year, weekdays in the company when white-collar workers in Chengdu net friend, "Ying Ying" in addition to doing housework, relatives and relatives, every day to spend two or three hours, on the network. She usually likes shopping online, and last October, she owned a clothing store on the Internet. Because of the fierce competition in online clothing sales, her store business was very common. Introduced by friends, will be published online monthly guest list above, some income is very attractive, the spring of December last year began to switch to do Tao ying.

then, NetEase began to intervene in the SMS business and online game business. At this point, Ding Lei and his colleagues >

Ding Lei now achieve success and win recognition in an interview with this newspaper explained that when he moved south to Guangzhou reason: "I hope in the south of the land to find can achieve their ideal space, because at that time Ningbo and Zhejiang do not have such conditions. There is no doubt that Guangdong’s inclusiveness is the best in the country."

although the Amoy little risk, and money, but now consumers are rational, let users believe that in a short period of time, you is not easy." Spring jade means >

he suddenly began to reflect on why he founded the company. He later realized that he wanted to do something he liked so much. When he was only 500 thousand of the time can be happy, after the listing, with $100 million in cash in hand, but the external environment is not good, we’re not happy? "Again, he felt that the company needs to find business model."

help operators in various forums to sell products, nearly thousands of Amoy after tax monthly income, monthly income of 10000

hall commotion, twenty-first Century Guangdong media Limited by Share Ltd CEO, "twenty-first Century economic report" general manager Chen Dongyang and NetEase CEO alongside Ding Lei came in, the two years old very personal, but in public so close there are still rare.

but there wasn’t a company in Guangzhou at that time. So the young man started a company, the NetEase. Ding Lei’s desire was to make the Internet easier, so that everyone can access the world’s information conveniently through the network, so that the transmission of information without borders.

, like many young people going south, Ding Lei, who first came to Guangzhou, hit several jobs at a loss. The difference is that, as an early departure from the system of people, Ding Lei has not given up his dream – he wanted to do the Internet, very, very much.

, everyone is busy during the Spring Festival, the Internet users in Chengdu "spring Ying" spend only a few hours, when visiting the forums, blogs and chat recommend users into the shop to buy something, just seven days of holiday she successfully earned $three thousand commission. With online shopping has become more and more popular way of shopping, a large number of guest like "spring Ying" promoting commodity trading success on the network. In the new year, many Amoy and "spring Ying", in the online shopping network have pay New Year’s call themselves as "spring cattle".

NetEase listed soon suffered the NASDAQ IT bubble burst, the stock index fell from more than 5000 points to more than 3000 points. In 2001, NetEase suffered a serious loss. Ding Lei admits, "the pressure is very high."".

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