My Amoy road Taobao money off RaidersDG Xu Chau 90 APP entrepreneurs for mobile nternet born

novice Amoy brother best should be familiar with what Taobao guest operating procedures, the official help is the best introductory manual http://s.taoke.alimama/use_help.htm.

Xu Chau: this phenomenon is very good, in the past 3 or 4 years, the entire development of mobile Internet industry is very rapid. In addition there are many intelligent hardware manufacturers, and there are more and more applications appear on the one hand, the life of these applications are greatly convenient for us, but also changed many people’s work, entertainment and so on these methods. The emergence of a large number of APP, let us see a lot of the original unexpected new ideas, now can accompany you anytime, anywhere. We pay great attention to the development of APP and the emergence of APP. Whether we are from the media or from the perspective of venture capital, are particularly concerned about the development of APP blowout now.


A. how to choose a good commodity it is better to choose the products you know well, why? There is a detailed explanation later

technology news September 5th morning news, said in an exclusive interview with sina IDG Xu Zhou, former vice president of Asia, Chinese 90 entrepreneurs APP very active thinking, and the Internet and mobile Internet are fit and born, the next round of these people there will be a great entrepreneur, will emerge a great mobile Internet company.


is one of the important factors causing buyers desire to buy, the introduction to a more complete product instructions, making drawings, description of this product can bring tangible benefits to the buyers, or feel good after the buyer owns the goods.

IDG Asia Vice President Xu Chau guest Sina Technology interview room



off my understanding is similar to the shopping guide, is a process to guide buyers to purchase. Buyers tend to have a lot of doubts when shopping online, hindering the implementation of buying behavior, doubts as Tao is to lift the consumer psychology, to help buyers buy people.

Sina Technology: dear friends, Sina users, welcome to sina science and technology channel live broadcast. Today, I’d like to talk about the topic of APP. It’s my great pleasure to invite you, Ms. IDG, vice president of Asia Asia, to welcome you as a guest.

Taobao Whether it is called Taobao or

I was in February 08, when browsing the Ali mother’s forum, I accidentally saw the Taobao guest this Dongdong, from now on, Taobao has become a part of my life. When I started by YAHOO Adsense world to do Taobao off promotion, after a week, with the Taobao customer operation promotion familiar, found there are a lot of stationmaster functional limitations, the long term is not conducive to the development and promotion of their Taobao customers. Then began to look for a domain name, the choice of space, learn to do, my first website is produced in such a condition, to avoid AD did not say sh419 keyword now top ten I give the positioning of the site is "taobao shopping recommendation, Amoy happy every day". After every day, change the program template, add articles, improve the content of the website, posting promotion is what I must do every day. Because they used to learn to repair the car, do station technology comparison dishes, so every day bubble in forums, Admin5 learning charging, all the way through. Learning progress is very slow very hard, often to more than 1 in the evening, but when every morning check guest income, it is worth the effort. I enclose a recent income, remember the beginning time one day a few dollars, now 100 money, it witnessed my Taobao passenger growth path.

Sina: financial services financial class APP, social social class APP, photography, beauty is also relevant to APP, a full range to meet the demands of users. We also found that IDG hosted the APP competition, in our view, is an innovation, the past has not seen, there are APP aspects of the tournament. This is also the focus of today’s topic of discussion, the global APP development creative contest held by IDG. IDG what’s the point of hosting such a contest,

Amoy off, its essence lies in a word not only to Amoy, Amoy good products, but also the needs of the buyers to amoy. Today, some of their own collection of promotional methods sent out to share with you to discuss. Useful words, we can refer to see; useless words, do not grant me Oh, there are such efforts, it is better to promote, earn more money. Doubt the authenticity of income, you can query to small two. This article is for people who want to see and need to see it.


1. look at the product introduction

Xu Chau: we are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of information services focused on technology. IDG’s business is from the press to the market, research, exhibition, conference, venture investment, these 4 areas. We have long started to focus on the rise and development of mobile Internet industry. IDG venture capital has been doing mobile Internet since 2006

Xu Zhou: Dear Sina users, Hello, I am IDG Xu chau.


recent income chart

Sina Technology: Ms. Xu has 20 years of experience, although it looks very young. Today we’ll start talking about mobile phones, smart mobile terminals, and APP. Mobile Internet and intelligent mobile platform is very popular, and APP has shown a blowout situation. Including sina is also a year to launch a lot of APP. What does Ms. Xu think about this phenomenon,

below for interview record:

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