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for example we can integrate our technical exchanges group chats, taobao.com original articles, knowledge of noun teacher lectures, small short quotations summary of knowledge, is a very good method, the key point is how to integrate the reasonable together and make them become fluent, can read, so we need a long time the training and learning.

2: clever use of SE

1: video recording

shlf1314 has previously powered, in Xiamen, Shanghai, Guangdong resources, Beijing rushed to the era of mobile Internet, Zibolan, Hangzhou Netcom, Shenzhen City, Suzhou universal search Soubide, Chengdu Pangu, Changzhou in the century, Wuhan dragon age more than ten national or regional agents.

Open the

5: insert emotion

speaking of search engines, besides Baidu, we all know Google, soso, Sogou, Youdao, etc., these well-known search engines. For example, search specific blog search, so that we can search Baidu not included in space; Google English and traditional search and then translated into simplified Chinese; Sogou search drop-down, can be seen in the heat of the keywords, we write the title of the article.

3: summary of the essence of


website content can be said to be the soul of the site, the quality of the article is not only traffic and ranking, more service customers, providing customers with convenience. Whether it is from the SEO angle, the content is very important, the fierce competition today, the day is the net and SEO work, but they also worry about the hair every day, today Hefei SEM share a highly original article editing experience, for your reference.

4: integration of resources

website is the core content, unique original content is the key, the original is relative, no value of the original is the failure of the original content, is also the basis of the website keywords, after reading this article, I hope you can suggest a point of inspiration, innovation is.

shlf1314 AdWords keyword advertising is shlf1314’s main revenue model, advertising in the form of sponsorship links appears on the right side of the search results page, and the search results on the left are relatively independent.

Sina Francisco shlf1314 announced on December 12th that Shanghai Tianqing Information Technology Co., Ltd. into its authorized dealers in China, in the Shanghai area agent shlf1314 AdWords keyword advertising service.

video search engine, search terms, we’re ready to fight, record key noun video lectures, and lists the relevant summary list, in their own words and simple as possible, so that visitors browsing, not too difficult, the website can read of big points.

shlf1314 sells shlf1314 AdWords keyword advertising mainly through direct selling abroad. In China, it adopts the mode of direct marketing and agency, which is similar to shlf1314’s competitor in China, sh419. However, sh419 has begun to cancel the proxy channels in big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and so on, instead of direct sales, and only take the proxy mode in smaller markets.


we published an excellent article when we can have feelings into a joke, a classic, personal feelings, this will be for our users to feel warm, although the correlation is not big, but to increase website stickiness, sharing website content of great help.

this is the webmaster often used, is part of the essence extract of each article, we can be modified, such as the replacement of synonyms, punctuation, reverse paragraph, insert your own text smoothly. Summing up the essence of the article, we must do the level, in order to show in the form of a list, so that users feel rational. For example the word technology: "Hefei technical school which" changed to "Anhui Hefei good skills school", this sentence is used to modify, add an adjective, noun synonym substitution, inverted sentence change. As long as we consider the center unchanged, can remain unchanged.

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