After having been the head of five pharmaceutical listed companies he summed up some experience in

investment in hospitals is a bit overheated at the moment, and people who have almost done nothing in the past have been considering medical investment. This situation brings two problems: one is originally not very valuable investment targets too high, we could not find the north, in the fermentation, more difficult investment projects; two is very difficult to find a hospital standard value judgment. Hospitals and other companies are not the same, the latter can according to the PE value to the valuation, but some hospitals not what profit or little profit, in addition to conventional valuation factors, but also depends on the experience, the future judgment and courage etc..

medical industry side: pharmaceutical companies chart change

I graduated in 1989 with a master’s degree in medicine. After three months as a doctor, I worked as a medical representative in the world. I was one of the earliest medical representatives after China’s reform and opening up. I worked in foreign investment, joint ventures, state-owned enterprises and private enterprises to work late, most of the time as general manager of listed company or CEO in private enterprises, has experienced five listed companies, in their own growth at the same time, also witnessed the development of Chinese healthcare industry.

with our new website, the analysis here is not to speak of the first program selection and market sectors, and in Chinese network have high correlation, I will go from here about the domain name.

today, with two votes, such as medical insurance cost control policies, use environment and channels are undergoing profound changes, manufacturers of medical devices, reagents and consumables manufacturers and drug manufacturers are facing the same dilemma, don’t know how to cater to the entire medical terminal market structure adjustment. Relying solely on simple marketing means or dare not openly covert operations, the short term effective, but not sustainable, must change. Major manufacturers began to think about how to adapt to changes in the industry trends in order to continue to better survival and development. To this problem, in my view, only by relying on the leading product strategy and the establishment of academic leadership can sustainable development be achieved.

domain name is very important for a web site, is of great significance to a good domain name for a web of sustainable development. So, the domain name of is a very difficult thing don’t think how easy it is for, do not know SEO, do not understand marketing people think so. Many people say that contains your keywords in the domain, which contributes to the future website ranking, for this argument, is not based on what, if any, I think it is very small, small enough to be ignored. The difficulty lies in choosing a domain name, you can not only represent the meaning of company website, and visitors will be able to see to understand, can easily remember, this is a difficult problem. As we all know, the development of the Internet to this point today, a good domain name long before 2006 were almost finished registration. A lot of time in this case, we will find that we think of the domain name was registered.

we often say, before the establishment of a website, first of all to work is the site planning. Site planning includes the whole process of the establishment of the throughout, including program selection, market analysis of the industry, the construction of the content, rank promotion. There is a clear plan which should be in the site planning work. Site planning are not good, so, on the site after the establishment, or when a period of development, will inevitably encounter problems, caused by the bottleneck. Although, even wrote the site planning, these problems may also occur. However, with a plan than without a good. Things are growing well, change of plans. This requires writing site planning people have long-term vision. A relatively accurate prediction ability for the next period of time.

The biggest contribution of

the last two days, just like Chinese network space migration, and then into the bud network planning books. In order to let everyone know that the relationship between library network and network Chinese bud bud, I in another article has said very clearly, here in order to save space, but also to play less words, I will not say.

To determine the

specifically, there are three main suggestions for transformation and upgrading of the pharmaceutical companies, the first one is focuses on its product strategy, around the core product line, considered in conjunction with the features and data of disease areas or disease spectrum. The means of obtaining products depend on iteration, purchase, merger and acquisition, or R & D, so that enterprises can maintain their exuberant vitality. The second is to consolidate and enhance the market position of core products

‘s early medical representatives to the Chinese medical profession is to inform doctors how to use drugs and how to treat and treat drugs in an academic way. The doctor can use many means to treat the disease, medication is one of the most important means of the medical representative work is often carrying a full film box to the hospital departments to do medicine academic explanation or speech, open drug promotion department will, good conditions available with color slides explain. Doctors from the medical representatives and pharmaceutical companies to master the medication knowledge, but also through practice and enhance the level of medication and treatment, patients really benefit. In the late stage, due to the pressure of market competition and the lack of supervision, the whole medical profession has been criticized.

domain name is like books and spend a lot of my mind, think.

Li Zhimin senior medical investment specialist:

is to talk about the topic of this article, I do not know why, now writing always love friendship, like no matter that point can lead to many things, long longer than the Great Wall. The theme of this article is about the concept, relationship and profitability. This topic also has many people to write, they wrote how, and I do not say, I just to express their point of view, if the master was passing by to see, so please don’t scold me, mom and Dad, do not spit slobber to me. We face this is still worthy of the audience think, I don’t want to get it.

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