Ma Yunzheng prepared entrepreneur entrepreneur university program completed within two yearsWhether

Ma Yun: Thank you! This is a little big, business in the future, I don’t know about where, I think so, I started by the end of 94 years of the Internet, when many people do not know what the Internet is doing anything, things will be successful today, I won’t do. After 10 years of success, I’ll be especially interested because hard >


as "Ma nocturne" record:

site, there are audience mentioned Ma ready to invest with Cmi Holdings Ltd, chairman of the board of directors Feng Lun set up "business school" issue. Ma Yun responded by saying that he was indeed working with the circle of friends in preparation for Chinese entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, the university is currently conceived, plans to do in the next two years.

Ma Yun also talked about China’s economy for thirty years before and after the view. In his view, Chinese thirty years of reform and opening up is China sleepwalk development in thirty years ", he and Liu Chuanzhi this generation of entrepreneurs are the lucky ones thirty years ago. But Ma Yun believes that the next thirty years will be China’s most turbulent thirty years, the enterprise will face great challenges, and the Internet industry "there are ten years to do"".

we analyzed, Taobao first shop needs a part of the goods on the money, because no matter what we need to buy goods, we will press 5000 to calculate. Taobao set up shop, if you want to sell in kind, then we need to pay 1000 yuan of frozen money, so that our investment has become 6000. In the early days to do Taobao, must use Taobao connection promotion to do publicity, this is the so-called Taobao promotion. In this section, we have to invest about 500 yuan per month, and for one year we will spend 6000 yuan with minimum input. We have the Taobao level after the brick will be Wang Pu template, every year 360 yuan. Now we put in the cost of 11360 yuan. When we entered the Taobao shop when the goods of our goods to others in the reputation or the sales are not competitive, so we need to do a price war, our commodity prices down, even at the cost of losing money, only in this way can we usher in our business, so we need to put some money to maintain shop and life, we have to estimate is 5000 yuan a year, with the money to sustain us to the crown, and I can tell you the money if you sell big things can be a lot more. After that, we have our electricity bills and some living expenses, so we don’t calculate.

Ma Yun said that the Alibaba has prepared the worst. "I believe that whoever has spent the next thirty years will truly become an outstanding enterprise. So the first thirty years will be smooth, and the next thirty years may not be very smooth." Said Ma Yunru. Li Yun

2013 China Green company annual meeting was held on April, 20-22, in Yunnan, Kunming province. China Green company annual meeting was founded in 2008 by the China Entrepreneur Club. It is the first inter industry and international business sustainable development summit of Chinese enterprises. Yesterday evening, will be set up in the "Ma nocturne" link, by Ma and Huayi Brothers chairman and CEO Wang dialogue and answer questions from the audience.

but in fact, Taobao’s start-up business is often not so easy, or even more difficult than in life.

The following

technology news April 22nd morning news, said the Alibaba group chairman of the board Ma last night at the "2013 China green company annual meeting, Chinese entrepreneur is the idea and the circle of friends, plans in the next two years to do it. Ma Yun also said that China’s economy in the 30 years of reform and opening up after the great development, and then may face thirty years of unrest.



in the modern society, there is no longer priority for college students to employment, but more people with higher educational background and higher threshold are waiting for the people who are now employed. Many unemployed students also have a passion to start their business online. Many of the networks are based on Taobao as a center, and now Taobao is booming, so it is not difficult to realize that this may indeed be an ideal place for entrepreneurs.

now the employment rate of college students on the following slide, and the presence of water is more and more serious, but the effect in the university entrepreneurship theory, every college students have a little selfish want to start, make their own career but many of them are in order to earn more money.

"2013 China Green company annual conference" was held in Kunming on April 20th -22. The Ma in. photo: Sina Finance Liang Bin photo

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to sum up, if we want to do crown level, then we need to put a year for the foundation, but also to put at least 16360 yuan of funds, so we have a good income in second years to shop. This is not a Taobao can easily earn money on the platform, he needed money is not a small number, hope to enter the Taobao people to plan your route, to do their own plans, or in Taobao this platform to become climate.

host Wang Zhongjun: I told Ma is a good friend, and shareholder relations, so together often meeting, call, said very much, to serious occasions do not know how to say, I asked about the micro-blog Mr. Yu Minhong, our topic is "the future", I think with Ma talk about this very appropriate, Ma Long has a future trend. Give him the topic first, and he’ll talk over big questions first.

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