The road to local websites from user experience to where two


an article about the development of the local website and how to do the localization method, and the focus of this article will describe the development of the local website how to be able to identify the needs of users, a user needs the local website. User demand has been Baidu stressed in terms of, as a local site, want to get the support of Baidu, also can not ignore the strength of Baidu, the following a full range of user needs.

users need local sites to do, just to check the news, access to information

site users enter the local site to get what? Essentially nothing more than to get more local news and local information, such as you do is a local portal, users come to your site after the first thing is certainly know what has happened to the local, to understand the latest developments in local, in order to facilitate follow up time; second things must be in order to obtain more effective information, for example, you are a local talent net, then the user in addition to understand the local news second things must be aware of the recruitment information and job, that is to say a local website user needs two kinds: obtaining news and content industry. This is the reason that a local webmaster must understand, and as for what preferential information, discounts, promotions and so on activities, these are part of the information, and can not be independent.

users do what local websites do, and most users want to get approval


there is a part of the user to access the site there is another idea, that is to be recognized, such as your website is a local forum, so want to let users have been posting, replies in the forum, only to be able to attract what he does, only honor, a lot of friends in reality is not proud and they want to find the feeling in the Internet, so our website will give them the feeling, let the user thought can be recognized, this is a lot of things are ignored, why you can not get the website user support, so you can now change an angle to a think, is not your site does not meet the user’s needs and desires.

What do

users do into local websites, communicate and communicate, and know more friends

there is a part of the user to access the site is not to get information, but not to be recognized, they came to the local website is to make more contacts, it is often said that human resources, especially the local forum is even more so, the user enters the local forum will try to ask some questions, then there will be related industries to answer, this time the user and another user by specific carrier local forum to reach a consensus, then there is the understanding, finally achieve their purpose. And the same is true of other websites, where users do not want to see the news all the way to the local web site, and there is a part of the user who wants to get in touch with them

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