The Daily Mail anti traditional web design from user experience

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] core tip design and user experience from the perspective of "The Daily Mail" tell me why (Daily Mail) will quickly surpass New York Times, to become the world’s most hits newspaper media.

Received the "Global Entrepreneur" a journalist friend call

a few days ago, said whether the experience from the design and the user’s point of view why the "The Daily Mail" (Daily Mail) will quickly go beyond the "New York Times", become the world’s most hits newspaper media. From their official website, we can see that now they have 40 million independent IP visits per month, and what’s more interesting is that 2/3 of the traffic doesn’t come from the UK where the newspaper is published. In this everything needs to be divided into mode, successful people are a kind of discipline to the heart, and the bursting of the website is to follow the market and some design principles of the times, the The Daily Mail website design can be very simple to describe.


March 19, 2013 night 8:20 or so home screen screenshot

and Quora in the Q & a site known, many people have been talking about why the "Daily Mail" to be so successful? Because I don’t love to see the very 2, a long and minute statement 1, 3, 4, is about the mouse rolling down and saw a few rough shortest evaluation more convincing that includes:

home page without advertising, let users focus on content;

grabbed content just like sex and scandal breaking;

HD no code big picture, let you see enough;

waterfall stream, no refresh prompts, to guide users for long stay;

in order to strong attraction of profound feelings of "Daily Mail", the high frequency of use for 3 days, from the content, user psychology, search engine optimization, web design, the design team behind several aspects to talk about my understanding. The reason that I only used 3 days to speak in a hurry was due to the "intuitive principle" that I gave myself to see the products – the products that really attract people do not need excessive "brain filling", and the intuitive feeling is the core value.


I divide the news into three broad categories:

essence (a commentator’s article worthy of deep and repeated taste >

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